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Solaris by Stanisław Lem
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Jul 27, 2012

it was ok
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For a book touted so highly, I found it disappointing.

It wasn’t just the first person limited past tense storytelling. It was so much more than that.

When I started uni, almost a decade ago, this book was recommended to me. It’s why I never watched, or tried to avoid at least, the George Clooney film version and the others. I didn’t want the film and others opinions to taint mine.

Except it did anyway.

I saw just enough of the film to decipher one key lesson about a third into the novel: Loneliness. Regret. Guilt. Anger. Love. Longing. This book is about emotion rather than reason.

Except maybe not quite. The blurb behind the Finnish translation extols the themes Lem wrote about, things that conquer human science: God and faith. And that’s my main problem with Solaris.

There’s a reason why I chose to study physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

I like science. I’m curious. I ask questions. I’d like someone to answer those questions and if they can’t, I’d like to try finding the answers myself. It’s what drives every scientist: The need to know, the need to learn.

A few hundred years ago people relied on open fire and candles to see in the dark, to read (if they were lucky and privileged enough) in the dark and to write in the dark. Then a man called Maxwell came up with a set of equations that changed the world. Here we are a hundred and fifty years later playing with computers, paying with credit or debit cards, and turning a switch to see in the dark, to read and to write in a light as strong as day.

Throughout the book I wanted to know more about its science. I wanted to pick up those books Kelvin was reading or thinking about and I wanted to see the theories for myself. I wanted to learn them. I was mildly entertained and interested in the psychological disintegration of his character, but mostly I just wanted to see the hard data about Solaris and its sea. Maybe this is why I don’t read more science fiction: I get caught up on the science and forget the fiction.

But that’s not what this book is about either.

This book is about reaffirming people’s faith in a science dominated world. And for me, that’s a reason to be scared. As much as believing in something higher is to be admired and respected, I don’t want to turn back the clock to a time when a church could dictate how people should live and what was their precise place in life. I love the comforts science has provided me too much to give them up. I love the rights and freedoms I as a woman enjoy today because of science and Enlightenment.

Believing in science doesn’t mean you can’t have faith. Science answers only the question how, but you with your faith decide the answer to the question why.
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message 1: by Anachronist (new)

Anachronist Oh dear. I can't wait for your review and let me just tell you this cover is WRONG.

rameau Anachronist wrote: "Oh dear. I can't wait for your review and let me just tell you this cover is WRONG."

It is, isn't it. But it was the first on the list and I couldn't find the Finnish translation on the library. I'm about to fix that now.

message 3: by Anachronist (new)

Anachronist This one is loads better, thank you!

rameau Anachronist wrote: "This one is loads better, thank you!"

You are welcome. Just be glad there wasn't a Finnish edition in the database or I would have been too lazy to add this one.

message 5: by Anachronist (new)

Anachronist ;p thank goodness for small blessings.

message 6: by Blodeuedd (new)

Blodeuedd Finland I ended up posting it today, I meant to post something else but now I can't find the thing (I think gmail ate it) evil. Anyway

rameau Blodeuedd wrote: "I ended up posting it today, I meant to post something else but now I can't find the thing (I think gmail ate it) evil. Anyway"

Okay, thanks. Did you get the other two reviews I emailed you?

message 8: by Blodeuedd (new)

Blodeuedd Finland Oh yes I got them :) They are up for tomorrow now

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