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If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones
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Sep 06, 12

Read in September, 2012

This is the first book of a trilogy. *ARC provided by NetGalley*

From the very first page I couldn´t put it down. A very captivating story with great premise. I very much enjoy this new category of novels (Bared to You, etc.) and this one was a great add. But although the blurb says "a mix of Fifty Shades and Basic Instinct", I don´t agree with that description. At least not in this book. If I Were You just barely scratches the surface of the BDSM world but it is obvious the second book is going to bring this darker aspect into the view. Can´t wait!

When high school teacher Sara finds intimate journals of an unknown woman, she is enthralled by the dark, erotic diary. She decides to find Rebecca and make sure she´s ok (and return the journals). Suddenly she finds herself living Rebecca´s life - be part of a world she always dreamed of. But who is the mysterious "Master" from the journals?
“He's dangerous and I've never wanted to live on the edge more in my life.”

Is it her arrogant, intimidating and controlling new boss Mark? Is it Chris, the talented and protective artist with some dark secret burried under the surface? The chemistry between Sara and Chris is explosive (*cough* window scene.. *cough*) but there is also something deeply alluring about Mark.
His hands are suddenly gone, and I pant in desperation, trying to pull them back. Chris captures my hands and forces them back to the glass above me, his breath warm by my ear, his hard body framing mine.
”Move them again and I’ll stop what I’m doing, no matter how good it might feel.”
I quiver inside at the erotic command, surprised again by how enticed I am by this game we are playing.
“Just remember,” I warn, still panting, still burning for his touch, “Payback is Hell.”

What I loved:
- the journals - the author gave us just enough to keep us on the edge, craving for more
- the mystery - what happened to Rebecca? Who was the man from the journals? Who was the man in the warehouse?
- introducing the world of art, wines, openings, galleries etc.
- the tension and antagonism between Mark and Chris - I need to know what that is about!
- the first half of the book was great, dark, edgy, erotic (thanks to the journals), everything was a mystery..

What I didn´t like:
- the second half (or maybe the last third) of the book was too much focused on the romance, forgetting about Rebecca, the journals, etc.
- to be TOLD that a character is damaged instead of SHOWING it. We were told repeatedly that both Sara and Chris are damaged but I didn´t quite SEE it. Don´t say it, show us why it is so!
- Sara´s reaction to the camera thing was exaggerated, I didn´t qute understand why she made it SUCH a big deal.

The story ended pretty abruptly, leaving us with a strong promise of going deeper into the BDSM world in the next book which would be great. I have a feeling that the main attraction might shift towards the other man in Sara´s life :-) I definitely recommend this book! If you liked Bared to You, you will like this.

Book 1: If I Were You
Book 2: Being Me
Book 3: Revealing Us

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Lisa Renee Jones
“I'm going to lick you all over before this night is over, Sara, ... Suck your nipples until you are crazy with need, then spread you wide and lick you until you come and then, I'm going to do it all over again. I'm going to make sure you are so thoroughly fucked that being fucked has a new meaning.”
Lisa Renee Jones, If I Were You

Lisa Renee Jones
“I can feel this man in every part of my body and he has not even touched me.”
Lisa Renee Jones, If I Were You

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50.0% ""He´s pushing me, testing me, trying to get me to break. Because I slid beneath his composure? Because he really believes I am out of my league? And maybe I am, but not tonight. Tonight, as the song has said, I am broken and for the first time perhaps ever, I am not denying the truth of all my cracks. I am living them.""
80.0% ""There are so many layers to this man – deep, dark, wonderful layers. I know he´s fucked up. I know he´s damaged. I know this need to help children must call to some part of him that´s raw and bleeding. Which part?""

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