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When We Touch by Brenda Novak
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Jul 26, 12

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Read on July 26, 2012

Arghhhh... I hate Noelle! How could a sister marry her older sister fiance? Geez! Even though she wanted to compete with Olivia, it's not just a fair way. But life is never fair, right? Depends on how you control it. But still I hate Noelle from the beginning to the end! Oh, not just Noelle, but also Kyle! Such a moron! Though he was a noble man, took the responsibility, but still a moron.

Fiuuuhhh.... Enough of the curse for those characters, let's see about our main characters. Olivia is sweet, dependable, and tough. While Brandon is sexy, dependable also, and treat Olivia so sweet. He even didn't want to touch her though she asked because Olivia was drunk. What a gentleman. I like their conversation which were touching and funny.

The story is simple and sweet, quick too. That's why I found the plot is too fast. If only it was a little longer, it will be great. Hmmm... shame on me 'cause I have the first book and I haven't read it yet. Seems like I'll read When Lightning Strikes soon.

Love Brenda Novak's novella =)
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message 1: by Rie_dominique (new)

Rie_dominique ada juga tuh dulu aku baca yang seperti ini juga. si kakak itu cantik banget dan tunangan sama cowok paling ganteng di desanya. terus digoda si adek sampe hamil. si bapak malah ga simpati, bilang kalo si kakak cantik pasti banyak yang mau.
terus waktu lagi nangis2 kedengaran sama duke yang udah tua, terus diajak merit. waktu udah jadi dowager si duchess jadi liar.
apa judulnya ya... jadi penasaran sendiri. hihihihi...

Angela Noviana nah loh... apa judulnya? ntar minta ya kalo udah ketemu.. hahahahahaha..

Perdani Budiarti ad yg pnya lanjutan ibuknya smpe tamat ga? aq dpt ga sngaja gitu nih...kalo ad bagiin k aq ya :D

message 4: by Rie_dominique (new)

Rie_dominique aku punya 1-3 dalam epub nih, aku emailkan ya :)

Perdani Budiarti Rie_dominique wrote: "aku punya 1-3 dalam epub nih, aku emailkan ya :)"

ah mau2...
ke daneeollie[at]gmail[dot]com ya, thx Rie :)

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