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Godless by Ann Coulter
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Nov 15, 2008

really liked it
Recommended to Kelly by: A friend
Recommended for: Republicans, conservatives, or open-minded individuals ONLY
Read in January, 2006 , read count: 2

This one is pretty simple: If you are conservative, Republican, or extremely open-minded, you MIGHT like it...If you're Democrat or a liberal, you're going to hate it...but for God's sake, I hate reading reviews were someone didn't even READ the entire book. I read it from cover to cover.

Ann Coulter has a really snarky sense of humor that can come off as condescending and annoying, sometimes. The reason why some conservatives tolerate her is because when she's funny, she's hysterical, but when she's off, she's unbearable to listen to. Here, she's funny...But more than that, she's got good things to say.

The most controversial part of this book was where she called a small group of about four 9/11 widows "harpies". I BOUGHT this book because of that controversy and because, on this subject, I happened to agree with Coulter, even though I don't agree with her on some of her other points. She was not bashing all widows - just the ones who wanted to sue our government for millions when they already received large life insurance settlements and who also received government-funded compensation from a fund created for 9/11 families of victims. These women also had husband's with high-paying jobs and were already living the charmed life.

To ask WHY this enraged me, you must look at where I'm coming from. My husband is a Marine. He puts himself in harm's way for our country and is a two-time Iraq war veteran. If something should happen to him, his family gets $450,000. I think that's an enormous amount of money and I sure as hell would not complain about it. The husbands of these women just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They weren't on the front lines of our nation's defense. I'm appalled that these women bit the hand that fed them and had no problem with Coulter calling them out on it.

The rest of the book had some witty humor and interesting ideals and it was a good read, even if I don't agree with many of Coulter's views. I'm not quite as fervently religious so in a few parts, I found myself VERY strongly disagreeing with Coulter, but if I were to rate the book honestly, I would rate it a four stars and strongly encourage liberals and Democrats not to touch it with a ten foot pole. It's not worth getting your blood pressure up over. For conservatives and Republicans, though, I think it's a good read with several laugh-out-loud moments of political incorrectness.
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message 1: by Keely (new)

Keely you spelled 'where' wrong. And liberals aren't actually like that, you know.

Mike (the Paladin) Hi Kelly, I've noticed that a lot of Coulter's books get reviewed by people who haven't actually read them. I mean after all, they know that she's a "racist, bigoted, homo-phobe....why bother to read the book?

Oh well.

message 3: by Shawn (new) - added it

Shawn Yup, Mike, that's how open-minded liberals think. They already know their opponents are horrible racists, etc., so why do they have to bother listening to them to prove their case?

message 4: by Jonesmikey (new)

Jonesmikey I read the review and it sounds like one very big straw man argument. I'm liberal and I'm a regular church goer. I've also known atheist tea party members.

Mike (the Paladin) That's not the point of the book. You need to read the book before you hate it.


Kelly Keely - By pointing out a small typo as such in an otherwise grammatically sound review, you may have just proven liberals ARE like that...and possibly worse.

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