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Lady of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Jul 26, 2012

it was amazing
Read in July, 2012

The Arthurian legends have captivated us for centuries, with tales told of Camelot and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table that have captured your heart and imagination. Authors such as Bernard Cornwell (with his Warlord series), current writer MK Hume and TH White have all created their own interpretations on the historical legends and myths, that is distinctly separate from Marion Z Bradley’s work that is totally original. Distinctively unique the lady of Avalon follows on from a spellbinding historical fantasy series, with the forests of Avalon and the mists of Avalon completing the entire works. This compelling novel has to be one of the most realistic, authentic and compelling retelling of the Arthurian saga that I have ever read. She layers worlds over each other so that they are connected in such a way, that is so inspired and quite breathtaking; such as the holy isle of Avalon that is hidden in the mists between the world of the Faerie and the world of men.

Trying to save the Britons from Saxon invasions and Roman tyranny, Arthur is flung into the middle of epic battle scenes and conflict that is both thrilling and exciting to read. With Merlin close by in the company of the Druids the quest begins, with such fast-paced action as to leave you in suspense. Alongside the most fantastic storyline is such depth and detail as to make it all so real, so that the characters jump from the page springing to life before your very eyes. One can see how much research and time has gone into the planning and construction of this world and creation, with every little miniscule detail studied including place names and character names and extensive history. Times and dates within our historical timeline are plotted out so that it is as if all of it was actual, and that it could have transpired being so believable and convincing.

All those readers who are intrigued by the myths and legends that surround the Celts and King Arthur during the Middle Ages, have to add Marion Zimmer Bradley’s novels to your collection as they are truly outstanding. The romances of the Knights and the Round Table are brought to life in such a dynamic and rich way that evokes the mythical age perfectly. A time of chivalry and magic that is shrouded in mist and mystery is awoken, home to the legends of Camelot and the quest for the Holy Grail that speaks through the pages and into your heart. Anyone who is interested in England’s semi-mythic past and Sir Lancelot will be absolutely delighted with this fictional book, that is wholly enchanting.

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