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While It Lasts by Abbi Glines
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Jul 26, 2012

really liked it
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3.5 Stars

You should probably know up front that the hot, lost, and difficult men that usually end up crushing my heart like a bug are my type of guys in real life. I know, I know—but I fall every time. Sooooo....

Cage York is my type of guy! Man whoring ways and all! :D

Our man-whore hero is sent off to the farm for physical-shirtless labor due to a DUI charge. To keep his baseball scholarship, Cage must behave and work on a farm for the summer, but behaving means NO playing with the farmer’s daughter. *points finger at Cage* Eva, a farmer’s daughter with an inner bad girl mode, is sheltered and emotionally shut down due to pain and loss of her own. The last thing she wants is to fall for the bad boy. *coughs* Yeah right. Can Cage keep his hands off? Can Eva really resist the delectable Cage York? These two clash and spark causing the summer to heat up with off the chart hotness! Can Cage and Eva handle the heat? Hell, can we?

I love an Abbi Glines world. Her slow, hot, sexy summer days seep into my heart and soul. Cage had me swooning pretty much every time he opened his mouth to speak, lick, and oh-so much more. :)

”I wanted to be the one to hold up while you cried and dealt with the coming change. But you wouldn’t let me in. I’ve never wanted in, Eva. Not until you.”

Cage’s pull and attraction was more than his wicked “just-this-side-of-dirty” charm and looks though. At times, Cage made my chest ache. The insecurities under all that swagger broke my heart. Readers heard the pain from his point of view, but I never felt like he shared it with Eva. Even when Cage introduced Eva to his world and opened up in ways he never had before, they really just dealt with his reputation. His bad-boy ways were center stage. I never felt like these two talked and shared their real pasts and pain under their images and reputations. The chemistry and heat were there on the page. Boy o’boy was it there! But for me, the banter, flirting, and emotional punch to the heart were missing between Cage and Eva. Hell—Eva started off with attitude, but it never built or showed itself again after their first meeting. The tension and foreplay turned into a lot of staring out the window and dropping invisible fairy gifts off for Cage when he wasn’t around. That kind of silent flirting and action did not work for me in building a relationship. Cage stole my heart, but as a couple, the love affair did not sweep me off my feet. Lots of sexy fun though!

That said--I had fun here with Cage and Eva on the farm. A world filled with heat, skinny dipping, lemonade, need, lust, and perhaps much more. A hot summer read that I would recommend for any Glines fan.

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40.0% "“Only problem with talking about licking with you is that it gives me ideas. I start thinking about things I shouldn’t be thinking about. Things that will only torment me ‘cause I’ll never know just how sweet you taste.” --Cage! SO sexy!" 21 comments
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Stacia (the 2010 club) Really looking forward to Cage's book.

Laura Ditto, my friend! Looking forward to the fun! :)

Eunice Hi Laura! How's everything going for you? I haven't read that much last night and I was at school the whole day today. *sigh* Gotta go devour it now though! Haha! Happy reading! :)

Bethany How is Cage, Laura?

Laura haha...He was damn fine! :) I had fun with the boy!
But...(view spoiler)

Bethany (view spoiler)

Laura Well—that could be part of the problem with me with Eva. (view spoiler) Not sure that made sense. Still trying to piece it together. I love Glines’s style, words, and men though. :)

♥Rachel♥ Laura wrote: "haha...He was damn fine! :) I had fun with the boy!
But...[spoilers removed]"

I didn't like this as much as I thought I would either, Laura. But it was more about (view spoiler) Still was a lot of fun to read and pretty spicy. I think my favorite of AB is The Vincent Brothers. Loved Sawyer and Lana!

message 9: by Eunice (last edited Aug 06, 2012 08:54AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Eunice Totally agree with all of what you've said girls. (view spoiler) But the hot stuffs, well those were always great. Abbi sure know how to write them. The Vincent Brothers is my favorite of all her books too, Rachel! Looking forward to your review, Laura! :)

♥Rachel♥ I'll be waiting. ;)

♥Rachel♥ Very well said, Laura. I'm glad you pointed out that Cage never shared his reasons for the way he was with her. Very true. I felt like something was missing in this one for me and this may be part of the problem. They never really truly confided in each others pasts and so I never felt they completely connected. Which is why I felt like his transformation was a little unbelievable. Still, I had a lot of fun reading this. Nipple piercings and a bare wet, muscled chest was definitely a distraction I enjoyed! Great review Laura. :)

Eunice Great review, Laura! That's exactly what I thought, I feel that they haven't really shared something that is really deep. I think there were questions that should have been asked and answered but were never really discussed here. Everything just went pretty easy and fast. But still, all the fun and sexy stuffs were superb! LOL! :)

Laura Thanks, Ladies. Glad I am not alone on that. Something felt off. Now that I think about it—Cage & Eva usually learned things about the other through a third person. They never really talked big issues. Well maybe a bit when she was drunk—haha—not really. :) Maybe I’m just a Beau girl for life! Just the one bad-boy for me!

message 14: by Jasprit (new)

Jasprit Another great review Laura, I can't wait to meet Cage especially with the swoony quote! :)

Laura Hi Jasprit! Thanks. Cage is damn hot! How is your summer? :)

message 16: by Jasprit (new)

Jasprit Not too bad, I can't believe it's nearly over and were only getting decent weather now! Hope you're having a good one?

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