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Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen
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Jul 26, 2012

it was amazing
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4.6 Stars. So I read and finished this book a couple of weeks ago, when Summer vacation was just starting.
So I was going to drive to Florida and had to read a historical fiction book for the Summer, so I decided to find a fun, entertaining, good book for the trip.
So that's how I came along with Someone like you.
This book really reminded me about me and my best friend Megan. I am a lot like Scarlett(the more brave, outspoken one with a temper) and she's more like Halley(the more shy, undercover-fun one).

The books really hits off with problems starting that Michael S. is dead,and only a couple a pages late that Scarlett is pregnant. C'mon you honestly only know the girl for a Summer and you're already pregnant. She even said she barely knew crap about him!
But still, I like Scarlett. She was actually really strong being a teen mother, and having no 'FATHER' support.
And for Halley with Macon. I have to admit for a couple of pages I eally thought Macon would really work it out with Halley but No-He turned out to be mentally retarted walrus. #No offence to him... Not
Also, Halley's mom is like SO annoying. I honestly wanted to twist her neck as if killing a chicken. Ugh! Can your daughter live!? But also, i guess she didn't want Halley pregnant like Scarlett so that's a reason.

So in the end
.Macon's a retard
.Halley turns bad then good again
.Scarlett is pregnant but then get her baby and keeps it.

Now you guys must be like "Why in the hell is it 4.6 stars if she likes it so much?"
Well because, the pacing was really fast for the pregnant stuff in my opinion. Like Scarlett had about 100 pages of 9 months of having a baby inside of her. But still great book.

Fun Summer read! I would recommend this to a friend 100%!


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