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Bossy and the Brat by Daisy Harris
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Jul 26, 12

Read in August, 2012

Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

There were times during this book that I completely hated Cal. I wanted him to just go off and marry Nicole, or go off and be alone, and quit treating Tyler like he was some kind of dirty little secret. Tyler is needy, sweet, bratty and really bad at making choices about men who might value him. As I read on, however, I had to cut Cal some slack. Yes, he was being a total insensitive jerk at times. But as I continued, I didn’t feel that this was due to his position as RA, or shame over Tyler. Rather, I felt it was a lifetime of small town conservative upbringing, being expected to act a certain way and not wanting to, yet not being able to figure out the way to be himself and keep everyone happy. As evidenced by Nicole, he hadn’t been doing that anyway.

There felt like there should have been some huge explosion at the end, or at least a little more. It was a big anticlimactic after all the angst Cal put himself through. Nicole is a rock star character, I liked her a lot. Strong without being bitchy, and able to see the value of keeping a friend. My kind of girl.

Something random that I liked about this – Tyler is very sensitive after he has an orgasm, and can’t stand for Cal to continue to penetrate him. This was very real world to me, and something that is so rarely mentioned in any type of erotica book. Tyler is human and this made him even better for me.

This is a good entry into Holsum college life, but not my favorite.
I like the Holsum College men, and I liked these two. Their relationship was different than previous because a lot of it is conducted via text messaging. Hunter, Tyler’s previous “boyfriend” (in Tyler’s mind anyway) is a supporting character here and I can’t wait to find out what’s up with him. He’s an arrogant thing, but I think he has a lot riding on his shoulders.


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