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The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
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Jul 26, 2012

it was amazing

Carlos Ruiz Zafon returns with his his most imaginative work yet, plunging us into the depths of a frighteningly familiar world. In the very near future in a United States decimated by fire and flood, Hollywood has collapsed into civil war. Film studios have gone militant employing private armies and dispatching mercenaries and assassins against their competition. Roving bands of computer hackers take to the ruins of the internet ravenously pillaging one of the world's few remaining commodities; movie spoilers. Despite the economic turmoil and unprecedented crime rate that grips the nation, the movie industry has become more profitable than ever. Film has transcended mere entertainment becoming a consummate religion. Devout followers pilgrimage sometimes hundreds of miles to kneel before the latest holy spectacle in what few functional movie houses remain. Our protagonist, a master hacker and thief known only as Graves is comissioned by a major studio to acquire the screenplay for a competitor's upcoming blockbuster, in order to reveal the plot and lessen the studio's profit margins and influence over society. However, soon finding himself double crossed by his employer, Graves vows to bring the film industry as a whole to it's knees, releasing it's grip on the hearts and minds of the decimated population. With his latest blistering outing, Zafon once again proves himself as a master satirist and an undeniably important voice in the world of speculative fiction.

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