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Four Corners by Kate McMurray
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Jul 25, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from August 12 to 14, 2012

So I LOVED this book...Did it annoy me at times? YES it id!! Did I feel like I wanted t sit these boys down and get them to talk because they frustrated me, as it happens in so many gay romances? No, I didn't

Why?...Because I was perfetly happy (if irritated at times) to let them figure it out. This just felt so authentic to me. It just made sense. This relationship was SO complex, so much history and heartache between these two men, that I just truly enjoyed watching them work it out and let themselves work toward their happy ending.

So Jake and Adam were best friends their whole lives, them and their two other friends Brendan and Kyle. They played baseball and they were a unit. The Four Corners of the baseball diamond. But when the were all 25 something happened between Jake and Adam and he just left. No communication, NOTHING for five years.

But there is more to things than that...Jake has been in love with Adam, since they were kids. Deeply in love, like "my one and only" kind of love. Since Jake came out in college, Adam always seemed to take issue with Jake's homosexuality, it almost seemed to make him angry. So when Adam comes back and pretty open about the fact that he want a relationship with Jake...That he is out as a gay man. Things become complicated.

Adam has a lot of baggage his family, especially his mother are not accepting of his homosexuality...A lot of the his issues stem from that. He can't really assume that being way is not an integral part of who he is..."It's just something he does...". Jake is an "Out and Proud" man he embraces gay culture, he sees it as a determinant factor of who he is and how he lives...These differences cause problems...Jake wants to be respected for who he is and wants Adam to stand proud of his homosexuality...Adam does not know how to do this, even is he does love Jake and it is clear that he does...His baggage and all the things that have been ingrained in him constantly has him saying thins and doing things that make Jake angry and confused.

There is a lot of Jake feeling insecure, wanting to run away from Adam, it almost feels like at times he's trying to punish him...And to me that was perfectly reasonable. When Adam left he left Jake with nothing...It hurt, for years, it hurt, and fear of being there again kept him from believing Adam was his forever...Adam's transformation into someone more open and prouder, who embraced the love that he had for the man he always wanted was great. It was also interesting to see Jake force himself to let go of his insecurities and fears to finally give into this thing he had within reach that he kept hesitating to grab because of his fears.

I think this is one of the best friends to lovers books I've read...There is always a struggle when you end up in a relationship with the person that you've wanted all your life. Because life is never as simple as "I love You, You love me and we will live happily ever after"...Sometimes love is NOT enough...There must be respect, understanding, compromising, trust, honesty, support from loved ones, ACCEPTANCE from loved ones is nice too...And well their struggle was getting to a place where they had all that as the foundation to build a life together.

Loved this book, well written and I LOVE those baseball parts too.

Love this author.

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