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The Language of God by Francis S. Collins
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Jul 25, 2012

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The best thing Collins does is lend his credibility to the truth of evolution. To biologists such as himself, there is no debate. Evolution is truth. Macro-evolution is truth. He comes down squarely on the side of science, which is very good to hear. Hopefully his ability to make his Christian faith compatible with evolution can help others realize that accepting evolution in no way needs to threaten one's belief in religion.

Collins evidence for belief, though, I found unconvincing. Besides his own spiritual/mystical experiences, he presented two concepts as evidence for God: 1)the Moral Law and 2)a universal yearning for God. Even if these two ideas were proven to be accurate, Collins fails to explain exactly how they serve as evidence for God. The existence of these concepts, though, is actually quite debatable and it seems quite likely that evolution itself could account for those characteristics which Collins attributes to the "Moral Law" and "universal yearning." Further discrediting his logic, Collins at times makes ignorant claims about all world cultures and peoples that a quick study of world religion would show to be inaccurate.

The book is quick and easy to read. I recommend it to anyone struggling with evolution or looking to define exactly what their religious belief is.


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