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Underworld by Meg Cabot
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Jul 26, 2012

did not like it

I read this book only because it's part of my work and I'm outraged. It's absolutely scary to me how authors of novels mentioned for young females picture totally ABUSIVE relationships as the "perfect love". John is MANIPULATIVE and he regularly guilt trips Pierce and she, so much wanting to be NICE (as a girl shoud be), always falls for the trick. Whenever she gets rightfully angry he manipulates her accusing her of not being loving enough and she - feeling guilty - actually ends up apologizing to him for expressing her true feelings about sth he did horribly wrong!

Please have no doubts - this is a perfect picture of a TOXIC relationship. John is lying, manipulative and controlling. And of course charming, as are all manupulative people in spme way, because otherwise they wouldn't be able to manipulate. It is as simple.

Pierce falls for his manipulations as she's a perfect victim, always wanting to be caring and loving, willing to fix everyone and being concerned about what others think of her. Accuse her of being insensitive and she'll be your slave.

It's shame on the author to poison young minds with such messages!

And it's really sad some young women consider this kind of a character sexy and romantic.

I'm happy however some other readers as well seem to have noticed all this.
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