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After the Snow by S.D. Crockett
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Jul 25, 2012

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Willo has never known electricity or running water, but he and his family manage just fine in the snow-covered wilds North of London. The second ice age arrived before 15 year-old Willo was born, and the greybeards tell stories of the cold and hunger in the city and the brutal government crackdowns in the settlements. Willo’s family has no papers, but never really needed them out there beyond the government’s reach. Until the day that Willo arrives home from setting his hare snares to find an empty house with the telltale tracks of government all-terrain vehicles leading from the door. How will Willo survive alone in winter? On a quest for survival and revenge, Willo stumbles upon Mary and her starving brother abandoned in a ramshackle cabin. His instincts tell him to leave them, as their death is certain and his own survival is doubtful. Willo’s decision sets in motion an unpredictable series of events that lead from the mountains to the city, to the sea. Filled with adventure and suspense and narrated by Willo’s powerful and poetic, albeit back-watery, inner voice, this dark and dystopic tale gripped me from the get-go and catapulted me swiftly to its surprising conclusion. I recommend this for those who like dystopian survival stories, and enjoy narration in dialect/slang (I love it, but I know that it can grate on some people’s nerves).

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