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Kitty Steals the Show by Carrie Vaughn
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Jul 25, 12

KITTY STEALS THE SHOW A Turning Point for Kitty

ARC GIVEAWAY 7/25 7/28/2012

Carrie Vaughn
Tor, A Macmillan Imprint, July 31, 2012
Available as Mass Market Paperback (352 pages) and in E-Book formats.

Disclosure: ARC sent by publisher for a specific review date. No remuneration exchanged and except as noted all opinions herein are my own.
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Kitty has been tapped as the keynote speaker for the First International Conference on Paranatural Studies, taking place in London. The conference brings together scientists, activists, protestors, and supernatural beings from all over the world—and Kitty, Ben, and Cormac are right in the middle of it.

Master vampires from dozens of cities have also gathered in London for a conference of their own. With the help of the Master of London, Kitty gets more of a glimpse into the Long Game—a power struggle among vampires that has been going on for centuries—than she ever has before. In her search for answers, Kitty has the help of some old allies, and meets some new ones, such as Caleb, the alpha werewolf of the British Isles. The conference has also attracted some old enemies, who’ve set their sights on her and her friends.

All the world’s a stage, and Kitty’s just stepped into the spotlight.
Carrie Vaughn

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Kitty has been a busy werewolf since I read the 2nd book in the series, KITTY GOES TO WASHINGTON. And this episode in Kitty's tales harkens back to that second book with a lot of the same players. There's her husband, Ben who she met in DC, the supe hunter Cormac and his ghostly posessor, the hot Jaguar shifter Luis, a Brazilian diplomat, and the morally misdirected Dr. Flemming who was the "Deep Throat" in the revelation of Supes to the world, And, her Washington Vampire friends show up too, quite instrumentally. The book features characters from other books in the series, as well.

The new characters are all very interesting but not as important as the characters we have met before.

Kitty has gotten a reputation around the world because she more or less outed supernatural creatures to the world. She's on one side of the supernatural spectrum about being public and working within societal norms. The older vampires are not all happy about that.

How did I feel about KITTY STEALS THE SHOW? Well, I don't think it is especially fair for me to judge it because it is so grounded in the seven books I haven't read. While I didn't feel I have missed anything basic to the world building, I was often confused by the references to Dux Bellorum and the Long Game. I think KITTY STEALS THE SHOW isn't a stand alone book, but within the series it is a turning point, a must-read. I believe it wraps up a lot of story lines and is a turning point in the series where Kitty is poised for a bigger role in the world.

I love Kitty though; she's doesn't give up because that way would be easier. She takes those situations that are tough and wades through them. It's her courage and heart that endear her to many and piss others off completely. She isn't doing what she does for power; her moral conscience is pretty clear. And, she's passionate. She says what isn't popular, but what needs to be said; she's the one who point out the elephant in the room.

One great thing about Kitty is her lack of sophistication. She is on her first trip out of the country and Carrie Vaughn does a great job showing us the sites of London with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of the first time traveler. She really likes the idea of putting scotch in your tea. I am a bit of a jaded traveler so it is always nice to read a character who isn't.

I like her husband as well. He's very loyal and loving. But I also felt, at least in this novel, that she's the one in charge. Cormac seems a shadow of himself. The new characters introduced, Ned the Master vampire of London, and Marid a Master Vampire without a base, as well as the Alpha wolf of the British Isles, Caleb have enough development to get a basic idea of them as individuals and to make me think we'll see them again.

There's at least one story line involving Luis and his sister that I think could have been left out, or given less importance. But, it may be setting up a future book (four more are planned).

I recommend KITTY STEALS THE SHOW as part of this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED KItty Norville series. In the meantime I plan to catch myself up on the series. Like most book bloggers I am buried under a tall mountain of new releases, but I usually catch up one series a year. I think it may be Kitty's year.

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