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Reality's Ascent by R.L. Copple
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Jul 24, 12

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy-scifi, juvenile-fiction
Read in July, 2012

I enjoyed the first book in the series, Reality's Dawn. I liked the first half of Reality's Ascent pretty well, but it started to really drag toward the end. Here's the list:


Likeable characters. Sisko, Nathan and Kaylee are all nice characters with different voices and goals. The enigmatic Crystal added some tension, as well.

Lots of adventure. From sky-islands to evil wizards to forest fires, all kinds of crazy stuff happens all the time.

A nice twist when the point of view changes to Kaylee, and we get a look into her perspective, her hopes and fears.


No tension. Every scrape they get into, they get out of with a quick prayer and using the ring. There was no impending sense of doom because every problem was resolved so quickly. I had a hard time sticking with it because I knew God would bail them out of everything.

Joel. The whole subplot between Joel and Kaylee confused me immensely. Joel is another miracle worker (maybe? it's never explained). He leads Kaylee on into a relationship she doesn't want in order to make her face her fear of men. When she finally falls for him, he abandons her. And she's okay with it. I didn't understand what point was trying to be made. A girl with trust issues does not just "get over" them, especially when the guy leaves her immediately afterward.

Predictable. I guess for a young teen this would be a great read. But as a jaded adult, I was able to predict the outcome of every subplot with disappointing ease.

This would be a good read for a kid. There's nothing objectionable in it, except some mild discussion of Kaylee's near-rape. As an adult, I didn't enjoy it that much.

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