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Sweetest Taboo by Eva Márquez
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Jul 24, 2012

it was amazing
Read from October 17 to 20, 2012

*I received a copy of ST in exchange for an honest review.*

Sweetest Taboo is the story of a love affair between 15 year old Isabel Cruz and her Swim Coach, Tom Stevens. A man old enough to be her father. Aside from the fact that Isabel is a minor, Mr. Stevens is also a married man with two daughters of his own.

Sweetest Taboo was an intense read. While the subject matter is such a hot-button topic and usually evokes extreme opinions and rightly so.
Author Eva Marquez handles the subject matter with finesse and never makes the subject dirty, or over the top. The book is written from Isabel's point of view, she is a tender teen girl who allows herself to develop a crush on an older married man. In the beginning it's all fantasy in her mind, but once the coach seems to catch on, she's watching him it doesn't seem to take long before he is a willing participant. From there the situation only intensifies for the two of them. The constant lying, sneaking and flirting with the danger of being caught. The book kept me on edge the entire time. The writing was concise and well structured. I never struggled with who the characters were or who was speaking.

I think the author's point was to ask the question, while such a relationship is considered taboo by society can the feelings be real for both people? Can this man really be in love with this 15 year old girl? Is it is really just about his ego and the conquest? Is he just taking advantage of her naiveté and his position or does he really truly love her?

Regardless how you view Sweetest Taboo those will be answers you will have to decide upon for yourself. I personally never liked the Tom Steven character, because to me he always seemed cocky and too reckless. Not only was he being casual about the consequences for himself, he seem to never care or consider his children. The question was never asked, how would he react to a man his age doing the same thing with one of his daughters. I loved Isabel and was frustrated with her, but she's 15, exactly how much responsibility can you place on a young teen girl when the very person she's been raised to believe is there for her best interest, seems to only want to know what she will be like under the covers. I'm truly not sure how to classify this novel in the sense of it being YA or adult fiction. This is probably due to the fact that sexual encounter is detailed. Not graphic or indecent, but explained as I believe it should be. I'm giving this book 5 stars because I like Eva Marquez's writing, I like how she handled the subject, because whether we like it or not...this is happening everyday all over the world. I also like the fact I never felt she was championing the subject or was an advocate of it. I'm sure she will be facing a lot of the same criticism, Nabokov dealt with, when Lolita was published. Prepare for there is already a sequel coming in March 2013.
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