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Rage Within by Jeyn Roberts
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Jul 28, 12

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Read on July 24, 2012

ooh, even better than the first one.(hopefully this review will be better than the first one; the one that i wrote and then accidentally deleted when i told my computer, "sure i would enjoy updating my security features very much" or whatever, and it rebooted this machine, erasing my first attempt...doofus)

this one brings us even further along in the situation of what happens when, in the aftermath of massive earthquakes (in canada!)many people turn into psychopathic killers with black-veined eyes. the book, not the review. keep up, guys.

so for all the things i liked in the first book: her willingness to have her characters make regrettable decisions in stressful situations; decisions which frequently led to the death(s) of others, this book has a different tone. relationships are more entrenched. living in a house together, trying to escape the threat that awaits them outside, the non-turned survivors develop stronger attachments, and no longer have the luxury of the impulsive, selfish decision, and are more thoughtful than self-serving; more "wrong" decisions being made for the right" reasons.

but even though i am sad to acknowledge that with emotional attachments come the clipping of the balls, so to speak, and there is more sentimentality than practicality, it is okay because there is still plenty of bloodshed for l'il sicko me.

my only question is, and i don't think this is at all a spoiler, but better safe than sorry - you can trust me or not, but those of you that trust me get to hear a song! (view spoiler)

so i definitely recommend this series, because she has sidestepped the "curse of the second novel" and managed to write a fast paced, multiple POV that managed to fool me (ME!!) with something i should have seen coming, but didn't, and was so thrilled, that i murmured "well, done, roberts..." kind of with this inflection, even though i am not british.

it comes out in september, so that's all i want to say for now, in the meantime, if you haven't, you should read Dark Inside to catch up. for serious.
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message 1: by Rory (new) - added it

Rory Gallagher Ooh good! I can't wait for this one. :D But it's so long since I read Dark Inside that I forget everything about the main characters...

karen i thought i had, too, but it comes back.

message 3: by Casey (new)

Casey Waters I was waiting to see if the curse of the second novel was broken. Glad to hear it has been :) Great review. Will have to read the first in the near future.

karen yeah, it's a different take on a familiar theme, so i appreciated that.

message 5: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Just finished #1 last night ... and I'm glad #2 comes out soon!

Brooke Please tell me theres going to be a third book?????

Kelsey Lopez when is book 3 coming!!!!!!!

karen i don't know if there will be one!!!

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