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Son of Avonar by Carol Berg
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Nov 12, 2008

really liked it
read count: 3 or so

Here's the start of another great series by Carol Berg. One thing I like about her is that she is not afraid to make her characters suffer. Their lives are not always nice. Not that these are books that end with you dispirited and unsatisfied. Good things happen to the characters too, but by the time they do, they're really well deserved. Premise in brief: We've got our main lady Seri who was a happily married noblewoman until it was discovered that her much-loved husband was able to use magic, which is a death sentence for him. FYI, Seri knew about the magic-using business all along and knew the danger of it, so she's not really blindsided by these turn of events. However, she understandably hates the government that killed her husband, and she she retires to a small farm off by herself in the country, reputation ruined. Anyway, 10-20 years later or so, she's out there on the farm when this one guy ends up on her farm fleeing men on horseback and she keeps those men from finding him. When they leave, she finds out that the man doesn't understand language and doesn't seem to remember who he is. Seri doesn't want to get involved in his troubles, so she tries to take him somewhere to get him started away from her, only to get completely involved in his troubles and find out that this new fellow has something to do with the kind of magic her dead husband used. Adventure!

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