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The Speaker for the Trees by Sean DeLauder
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Jul 24, 2012

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message 1: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Lenius Do the trees say: "Don't kill me, read ebooks?"

message 2: by Katrina (new) - added it

Katrina Passick Lumsden Well, yeah, if they're cool trees.

message 3: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Lenius I thought so!

message 4: by Celine (new)

Celine I bet they used Kindle before it was cool.

message 5: by Sean (new) - added it

Sean DeLauder I would like to believe that trees don't read books at all, and instead cultivate a long-standing oral tradition.

message 6: by Katrina (new) - added it

Katrina Passick Lumsden *giggling*

Krissy P (Kris) The Title of this book makes me think of Dr. Suess. "I am The Lorax, I speak for the trees." LOL

message 8: by Sean (new) - added it

Sean DeLauder ^ You would be exactly right to make that connection (+1). Seuss is a huge influence on me, though this story doesn't share the Lorax' message of conservation.

... I probably should have saved that tidbit for my invariably wildly popular future autobiography. Oh well.

message 9: by Dawn (new)

Dawn I need to read this book just because I love the authors comments on here.

message 10: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy That's funny, I HAVE speakers for my trees. Pretty easy to install, no need for a whole book about it ;). Yeah...lol I decided to be THAT dick.

message 11: by Sean (new) - added it

Sean DeLauder Ha! I will have to consider changing the designation of this work from "novella" to "manual".

message 12: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy Bahahahahaaaa! Is it wrong that I was giggling devilishly at my desk as I typed that? Sometimes lame is hilarious!

message 13: by Sean (new) - added it

Sean DeLauder This did get chuckles from me, even as my palm met my forehead. It's definitely a new way for me to look at it, and that's appreciated.

message 14: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy Ha! You'll always get that from me, I formerly wrote in Advertising where one ALWAYS has to turn stuff over and look at it in triple different ways. Usually not resulting in such fromage but it's still fun!
Besides, I'm wearing a sombrero in my pic, what else would one expect? Bahahahaha.

message 15: by Sean (last edited Apr 13, 2015 10:24AM) (new) - added it

Sean DeLauder Son: Tell me about the time your book got a thumbs up by what appeared to be a security system company from Raleigh, North Carolina on someone else's goodreads profile, dad.
Me: Well, it was a drizzly, droozly, schlippity, schloppy wet eastern Ohio spring.
Son: The worst!
Me: Yes indeed. So, I was in the lawn using my super author strength to squeeze dead plant matter in my hands until it transformed into oil...
***14 hours later***
Me: And THAT was when I knew I'd made the big time.
Son: You're amazing, dad.
Me: Thanks, son. It's no surprise You're Amazing, Dad is both the title and content of my bestselling autobiography, also available as an audiobook.
Son: Coming soon to a theater near you!
Me: Atta boy.

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