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The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
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Jul 24, 12

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This book begins very well. The story about the new character, Number Seven is really interesting. Before start, let me tell you that this book divided in two perspectives, Number Seven’s and Number Four’s. It is a good idea and I think they HAVE to make it like that since the two characters are separated. In the beginning, I love Seven’s story more than Four and Six’s (they were together already since the end of book one). It seems more mysterious and full of riddles (not really but it seem so) than Four’s story which is more threatening and thrilling. But the love thing in Four’s makes them draw. Well, the romantic thing in this book is sweet and pretty when the romantic scene in the first book was disturbing.... I don’t know why but when I read it, I felt that the love thing between Four, Sarah, Six, and Sam is all I want to read, not the battles. Strange enough but it happened.

Usually, when I read a book, I would get bored in the middle section then I’d lost of breath in the final battle scene. Well, no with this book. When I reached the middle section, that was when the climax sensation came to me. That was great, really great and makes me curious all the way. In this part, I was falling in love with this book. So much in love!
Then I reached the final battle scene.... Oh man, there it comes again. Those Mogs and other monsters when the Garde fight with their developed Legacies. It’s nice actually, but what ruined it all is its contionuous. Yeah the final battle scenes take very long pages of this book and it seems endless when I read it. I mean, okay you want to make me amazed with that battles but please.. you have to know where to stop. Pittacus Lore (pseudonym of the real authors who is James Frey and Jobie Hughes) seemed to preoccupied with their own writing that they forgot what the readers feel. I read the battle scenes and I felt as tired as those Garde who fight. It was like this: The Garde knocked out a dozen Mogadorians then the next sentence said “But another Mogs came” ,“A dozen piken charge toward us” , “A cluster of heavily armed Mogs are running our way” , etc etc.... Then I just said to myself,”SUCKS!! DON’T YOU KNOW THAT I AM TIRED ALREADY BUT YOU NEVER LET THE BATTLE ENDS! I WAS HOPING FOR THE VICTORY MOMENT BUT YOU JUST MAKE THE ENEMIES COMING AND COMING ENDLESSLY. WHAT THE HECK! WHEN WILL THE GARDE WIN??!!!!” I’ve lost my appetite and my mood changed into bad but I was trying hard to keep reading. In the condition like that, hard for me to enjoy the book. I didn’t enjoy it anymore. It’s too much. Just too much.

When the Gardes finally “win” their battles, I didn’t enjoy the victory moment either. Yeah what could I do? There was nothing to pay that torturing-final-battle-scene. Even I didn’t feel sad at all with those who died in battle. Usually I feel sad with any books that have death scene. But not with this one. You know the reason.
So, four stars for this book. I was hoping I could give it five stars, since it was nice (before the climax) but yeah, minus one star is nothing I guess. They deserve it. Still, I love the book for its surprising moment, for the revelations, for the actions which is more intense than the first book, for the sad moment (memories of Lorien and the Garde's death Cepan), and for the funny scene. And also, the ending which makes me curious how the adventure’ll continued. I can’t wait for August 21 to read the next book, The Rise of Nine.

I hope Pittacus Lore’ve learned how to stop there.

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