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Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde
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Sep 18, 2012

really liked it
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This is my third attempt at writing a review for this book. I worked myself up during my first two attempts, so I will try to keep things short and sweet this time around or I might end up with a brain aneurysm. Reading Avoiding Commitment gave me a serious case of heart burn and maybe even an ulcer. I loathed almost every single character in this book and wanted to either a) strangle them b) run them over with a John Deere tractor or c) strangle them then run their dead bodies over with a John Deere tractor.

But before we get to why I hated the characters let me give you the Cliff Notes summary of this book….

K.A. Linde's Avoiding Commitment tells the story of Lexi and Jack's tumultuous and totally eff'd up romantic relationship. Jack and Lexi meet each other while students at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!….sorry I lived in GA for 13 yrs, so I must represent). Studious Lexi first eyes Jack at the local coffee shop he works at in Athens. He's tall, dark, and sexy with a hint of danger. After a chance meeting at a bar, Jack asks Lexi on a date and that's where all the f*ckedupness begins. The two instantly click and start spending a lot of time together. Lexi starts to form some feelings for Jack and when it looks like she and Jack might bring their relationship to the next level, Jack drops the bomb that he's got a girlfriend at home.

You would think that after telling her that he had a girlfriend the whole time they'd been messing around that Lexi would give him the finger and never speak to the guy. Ever again. Nope. Didn't happen. Jack and Lexi's relationship basically lathers, rinses and repeats for the next few years. Six years later, Lexi finds herself being woken up at the butt crack of dawn by a phone call from Jack after they hadn't spoken to each other for two years. Jack is calling to ask Lexi to go down to Atlanta so she can meet and talk to his current girlfriend, Bekah. Jack's hoping that by Lexi going down to meet and talk to Bekah, he can figure out if he's really ready to make the "big commitment" or if Lexi is really who he should be with. My first thought was, "Are you f*cking crazy?!?!" By this time, Lexi is currently a law school student so I would have thought she'd smarten up a bit. Nope. Instead she agrees to Jack's ridiculous request and goes to Atlanta meet up with his and the current girlfriend. I believe this is when I started popping TUMS like they were candy because I just knew I would be in for one hell of an emotional roller coaster.

I'm really trying to keep this review as short as I possibly can because I could be here all night talking about everything that happens in Avoiding Commitment. What I can say is that after the first chapter a whole lot of lying, cheating, and over the top drama goes on. I really want to just get down to the characters that I loathed. I have a HUGE dinosaur bone to pick with each of them. If they were actual people I would be so tempted to walk right up to them and smack them all.

Lexi - What the f*ck is wrong with you? You're a smart girl in law school. Why would you ever want to pull a favor for a guy who has REPEATEDLY lied to you? I don't understand. Why? Did you honestly think something good would have come out of this trip? If the guy REALLY loved you, don't you think he would have made a commitment to you years ago? I really do not understand why you would put yourself through something like that. If he wasn't willing to put you first after the first time you gave him a second chance, why would you think he'd be willing to do it for you now? Forget closure, you need to erase the guy from your mind, memory and heart.

Jack - Jack. Jack. Jack. You know when Lexi first spots you working at that coffee shop, I was already feeling myself swooning for you. Then you take her on that fun first date and I thought, OK I'm totally on Team Jack. But then you had to turn out to be the biggest asshole on earth. Seriously, I just want to punch your beautiful face. It's really pretty sad because at first I thought I wanted Lexi to be with you. I thought you would redeem yourself. Nope. Never happens. You just turned out to be a huge lying piece of shit. I hate you times infinity. I don't know what kind of magic juju you have over Lexi but you need to stop with that shit.

Bekah - I knew just what type of girl you would turn out to be. You didn't fool me with your sweet, Southern charm. Living in Georgia and being around girls like you, I knew EXACTLY how you would turn out. I wasn't impressed with your designer wardrobe or that you belong to an exclusive Country Club. I knew you had something up your sleeves because pretentious, spoiled brats like you would never settle for being second place. I hated you from the beginning and that dick move was exactly that, a dick move. Even though I hate you I can't stop myself from agreeing with most of the ish that you spat to Lexi's face. Lexi was just dumb enough to actual fall in the same traps again but that won't stop me from wanting to run a John Deere tractor over you.

Ramsey - Mr. Armani Suit guy. There are things that I want to learn about you. You and Bekah are related so I can help but keep thinking that you're the same person. I won't fall victim to your luscious blonde locks, tanned skin and sexy body. I have a feeling you have some shit hiding in your closet and I'm ready for you to break Lexi's heart. But then I won't really blame you if she falls for another asshole. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that you weren't in on Bekah master evil plan but I shall have to wait for book 2.

You're probably wondering why I would give this book a 4 cauldron rating if I hated everyone. Well, I'll tell you why. Because I'm a freaking masochist and I couldn't help myself from being lost in all this drama. K.A. Linde has written one hell of an angsty read that left me an emotional wreck. The ups and downs of this story will leave your stomach in all sorts of knots and your brain wondering what the hell is going on. My conscious kept screaming at me to get off this wild ride but I could not help myself from wanting to know the outcome of Jack and Lexi's sordid story. If anything, K.A. Linde has taught me to never, ever let myself fall for a guy who will string you along for year in hopes that he'll finally give you his heart one hundred percent. Also, that "Once a cheater, Always a Cheater" type of guys like Jack will do nothing but bring you heartache.

Avoiding Commitment isn't a story that leaves you in that happily ever after state with butterflies, rainbows and kittens. No, instead K.A Linde sucks you in with her pretty brilliant writing and leaves wondering why you're so invested in this bullshit drama. Jack and Lexi drove me up the freaking wall the whole time I was reading this book but Avoiding Commitment was such an addictive, intense, and exiting read. This reading experience reminded me of the time I read Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster. I knew that I shouldn't continue to watch this train wreck but I couldn't keep my eyes away from it. Thinking about reading book two in this series is already giving me anxiety but like a pathetic crackhead, I know that I'll want to see if Lexi will actually grow a brain and spine and finally rid herself of the cancer that's called Jack.
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