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Double Threat My Bleep by Julie Prestsater
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Genre: YA Romance
Series: Book #2 in Double Threat Series

I'm telling you this series gets better with each book. It is sophmore year for Megan Miller and her bestfriends Keesha and Stephanie. At last all three girls find love. But circumstances get in the way for each couple causing breakups and heartache.
We get a new character, face an old enemy and mend some broken fences. OH, and Amy is still a BEEYOTCH! In Double Threat My Bleep

Brief Summary
Finally Meg and Alex are a couple yet the two are miles and miles apart becuase he is up state attending Berkley. Mean while Meg does a double. She must combat all the high school drama that occurs at Carver High and also fight off worries about the buffet of college chicks out to tempt her boyfriend. Sexy older college chicks. As usual Meg rolls out of bed late, again on the first day of school.
Now at school hoping to not be stuck in a class with Amy or Eric is her most pressing issue. However that ends quick because guess who is in her first period class? Amy. But whatever life must go on; and on it goes when a new friend(Travis)is brought into the fold. Travis has one thing on his mind. Making Meg his. He knows she is dating a college guy and that its only a matter of time before the guy either screws up, OR the distance between the two becomes an issue. Whatever the case he let's his intentions be known.

Fave scene
Scene setup: The girls are all having a sleepover at Meg's house when the topic of what to call a penis other that the clinical term "penis". After a few names are tossed into the air Meg thinks of an idea to send a mass text to their male friends to see what they call a penis. Check it out
"Wow, Meg, What are we gonna say? What do you call your penis?"-Steph
"Why not? This should be fun,"- Keesh declares taking out her phone Within seconds text start flying
excuse me?
r u guys drunk
want me to show you

Once the girls explain that they are trying to come up with another word instead of calling it a penis new replies pour in
Alex: I'll play's a nice one...stiffy;)
Ben: whatever ladies this is weird but you can call it a flesh
Josh: manhandle...dis is wat ur talkin bout at ur slumber prty
Travis: I like to hang out with my wang come ovr at ur own risk...jk
Dominic: i just call it a boner..or a rod...nothin fancy
Jonathan: mines a heat seeking moisture missile...nice 1 huh...u kno u miss me

"They must think we're total sickos,"- Steph
"Yeah but they're loving it and you know they're all calling or texting eachother trying to figure out what's going on over here"- Meg

OMG I love love love this series i swear this could be a T.V. series on ABC Family. HINT HINT to Disney ABC's parent company;) Book #2 Has Meg and Alex struggling with the long distance relationship plus the three year age gap. Their ongoing battle of what to do was rough to read through. When Keesha and Jon get sudden devastating news that will effect the dynamics of their relationship my heart broke. And it also broke the hearts of all of their friends in the process. I tell you the blow was hard to recover from. Then we have Steph and Dom these two come up with a plan to help avoid heartache. Well Possibly, we'll see how that works out for them in book #3.
As expected the writing is superb and the story lines provide great laughs and big SHOCKERS. The pacing is good nothing drags along.
Alex- I may not agree with his decisions but sometimes you have to do what you think is right. And that is what Alex did. He is a good guy and i like that about him.
Meg- What is there not to love about Meg she ROCKED! Loves her!
Keesha- I think my heart broke the most for her... She recovered, but damn...
Steph-Was her usual plan everything out self. She stuck to what she knows and it works for her. Her and Dominic are sooo adorable together.
Ben-Watchout now the guy is morphing into a man. And its a good look on him. Ben has done a 180 and i love it.
Jon Jon- Oh Jon Jon.... He is such a sweetheart.
Travis- The new kid on the block(pun intended) I loved Travis this guy blends right in with this crew of teens. He was funny, sweet and at times i felt bad that he was all caught up in Meg when she only has eyes for Alex.
The Parents- Once again the parents played a big role in the lives of these teens and i love that. Especially the talk Mr. Miller had with Alex. HILARIOUS!

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable and Witty
Writing Style- Excellent
Plot/Storyline- Solid, Fun, Compelling and Favorable
Steam Factor- Medium/Moderately Steamy
Overall- I LOVED IT!! READ IT!!

WARNING This is a Mature YA that deals with sex, drug/alcohol use and contains the use of foul/offensive language
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Julie Prestsater Alexis, you are awesome! Love your review. Thank you so much. I had a blast reading this, laughing out loud and reminiscing about my characters. If that's your favorite scene, what till you read Double Time. Haha! Thanks again. Love it!!!

Alexis *Reality Bites* Julie wrote: "Alexis, you are awesome! Love your review. Thank you so much. I had a blast reading this, laughing out loud and reminiscing about my characters. If that's your favorite scene, what till you read Do..."

Thanks Julie:) Its always a pleasure to find a good read I am in love with this series and its well seasoned characters.

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