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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
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Jul 31, 2012

really liked it
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I love this book. Or maybe the phrase 'really like' would be more appropriate, but whatever the word, this book ranks way up there on my bookshelf. I can't remember why the first few chapters were a hard read to get through initially, but once I'd plowed through them the rest of the book was brilliant. The last chapter is a little weak, though, but that might be due to a sort of internal comparison to the meat of the book (middle chapters etc). Would most likely reread this.

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20.0% "The Celestial Teapot, Agnosticism, and lots of other headache-y new ideas."
30.0% ""The answer is that natural selection is a cumulative process, which breaks the problem of improbability up into small pieces. Each of the small pieces is slightly improbable, but when large numbers of these are stacked up in series, the end product is very improbable indeed, enough to be far beyond the reach of chance. It is these that form the subjects of the creationist's arguments." (paraphrased)"
45.0% "Religion as a by-product of an evolutionary process that once contributed to survival: Moths flying into flame - not suicide - misdirection from normally useful compass to navigate by moonlight / starlight. Children - gullible, naturally dualist and teleologist. 3 stances - physical, design, intentional."
71.0% ""But people like him don't think of themselves as dangerous psychopaths; they think of themselves as good, moral people, guided by God. Indeed, I don't think Paul Hill was a psychopath. Just very religious. Dangerous, yes, but not a psychopath. Dangerously religious. [And] by the lights of his religious faith, Hill was entirely 'right' and 'moral' to shoot Dr Britton.""

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