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Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jul 23, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from July 23 to 24, 2012

First, let me say I am new to Jennifer L. Armentrout's work. So now I am playing catch-up on her work! This is what happens when I find an author with fantastic reads! Kinda obsessive compulsive thing...

I first read Obsidian yesterday. LOVED. IT. Unfortunately, Onyx (the follow up) doesn't come out until mid August. FORTUNATELY, Shadows (the prequel) is out! I downloaded it last night and waited until this morning to start reading. (Can you imagine how sucky my sleeping was?)

Okay, if you have read Obsidian, Shadows gives some more insight to characters in Obsisian. We already know about the Thompsons and the good twin/bad twin. Yet, in Shadows we find out much more character background about Andrew. We also find out why our favorite bad boy, Daemon, is just soooooo...ugh! I had the premonition it had something to do with something in the past, and as hinted in Obsidian, it becomes crystal clear in Shadows. See, guys? Daemon is like an onion---all layers and stuff, and makes you want to cry!

Enough about drool-worthy Daemon! Shadows is actually about Dawson (Daemon's brother) and the girl he falls for, Bethany. This is their story, as well as further information about the Luxen. Already having read Obsidian, I felt like this book *fit* as a prequel being read AFTER Obsidian. There were things I already knew that weren't thoroughly explained in Shadows, but that was okay, because they WERE thoroughly explained in Obsidian. Shadows enlightens us, gives us hope for Onyx, and I must will be difficult waiting until book 3.

This novella (about 300 pages worth) delivers crisp, easily moving writing. There are no boring parts, no unnecessary fluff, no sagging chapters... JLA's writing leaves you wanting more, more, more! Her characters are rich and multifaceted in detail without overload, the plot is believable and well planned, the setting matches perfectly, and the fast pace writing is like watching a movie that has you holding the bathroom break because you CANNOT miss what is next! Enjoyed each and every WORD from start to finish.

For friends new to this series, here is a quick run down (you know I can't do any better than the blurb already, so I don't even try): Shadows is about an alien named Dawson (not the green 10 tentacled kind you think of from MiB). He falls for a human girl, Bethany. The town is riddled with these refugees from another planet who live freely (but
secretly) in the community. It is taboo to tell or show anyone who and what they are because of the watchful eye of the government, as well as their enemy, the Arum. In fact, humans are in danger of disappearing altogether.
But Dawson falls head over heels for Bethany and bedamns the consequences. Trouble is heaped on when the Luxen community finds out what secrets Bethany knows, the DoD (government) come snooping around, and an Arum set on killing any Luxen, even when human girlfriends get in the way. Be ready for a fast pace and a need for MORE! P.S. I recommend reading Obsidian first. But that's just me :)

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