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The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines
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Jul 23, 2012

it was amazing

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I can't even express to you guys how shocked I was by this book- primarily because of Sawyers COMPLETE transformation. In The Vincent Boys I found him really boring and ughh (I was a huge Beau fan *chants: Beau is number one! Beau is number one*) But man....did Sawyer ever change in this book. It's like he took an extra dose of sexiness in between book one and two- my jaw dropped at some of the things he said to Lana (In a good way...a very good way ;) It really feels like your reading through a completely new character- I really admire Abbi Glines for being able to reinvent his character so well. In The Vincent Boys you fell in love with Beau, but in The Vincent Brothers Sawyer will have you questioning which Vincent boy you love more *Ummm Beau! Ummm Sawyer! Ummm...!!!*

With a new sexy male, comes and even sexier romance. *Blasts fan* Damnn there was some hot stuff in The Vincent Brothers. I think with each book Abbi Glines is getting steamier and steamier- making her books absolutely addicting. I am absolutely mesmerized by how much this book made me blush and giggle. The chemistry between Sawyer and Lana burns up the page, leaving you yearning for more. It was one of my most enjoyable reads of the summer so far.

At first I was a little concerned with Lana's character at the beginning of the book. I really didn't like the idea of her completely changing her appearance for a guy because as a girl, I truly believe we should do things for ourselves and not anyone else. But I quickly saw a lot of great things from her character- specifically from her feelings and commitment towards Sawyer. Once her and Sawyer got together she told him exactly what she wanted and told him straight out when she was upset or insecure with his lingering feelings for Ash. I really loved seeing this determination in her character!

I have to finish off with saying how much I loved seeing bits and pieces of Beau and Ash. Being able to see another character's perspective on them was really interesting because we've only ever read about Beau and Ash's relationship through their perspective. But most of all, I loved how Glines was able to show us how Beau and Ash's relationship still wasn't perfect. We get to see Ash and Beau go through a bit of a rumble in this book and I just loved how "real" it made this couple seem. It was a great tid-bit that I thoroughly enjoyed :D

For those of you that have already read The Vincent Brothers: Were any of you a little (and I mean really) curious to see what Ash and Beau were doing in their tent??? *guilty blush* :)

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