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Archer's Lady by Moira Rogers
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Jul 23, 12

bookshelves: paranormal, shapeshifters

I’ve not read the first two books in this series, so only the fact that I’ve read other books by Moira Rogers is what gave me my first clue I’d be reading about shifters. But bloodhounds? That made me think of that large and lazy hound from old episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies. But when such impressions are first and foremost in a reader’s mind, it’s the talented author(s) who smashes all preconceived ideas to smithereens. Ms. Rogers does that quickly and very efficiently when introducing Archer, a bloodhound atoning for something that perhaps he shouldn’t be.

Archer is that tortured soul we love to read about. He’s rough around the edges, has seen way too much in his day, and is being worn down even more by the accusations of betrayal against the Bloodhound Guild. Crystal Springs is becoming a ghost town with folks either being taken by a nest of vampires in the area or just leaving on their own to save their skins. So it’s Archer’s job to rid the town of the problem. Just another mission to decrease the lost trust of those he supposedly betrayed. Of course, being our hero and after getting to know him, we know those accusations are false. Archer may be on the backside of darkness at the moment, but he’s still honorable.

Trying so hard not run from her criminal past anymore, Grace Linwood has found friends in Crystal Springs who take her as is, no questions asked. The day she meets Archer, though, is the day doubts creep in and she’s close to running. Having a change of heart will alter her life dramatically. She’s drawn to Archer, but never hopes something permanent can come of anything between them. As soon as the vampires are vanquished, he’s on to the next assignment. Doesn’t mean she can’t get a bit of loving from the man in the meantime.

But the full moon is coming. Once they acknowledge the desire arcing to and fro, and though Archer wants Grace like no other, he’s afraid he’ll hurt her one way or another. Either being too rough during love making or striking out at her in the throes of fighting. Grace has no such illusions, and she wants to be with Archer just as much. And I have to say, being a bloodhound is a huge plus when it comes great sex. This man has it all when under the spell of the moon. A ferocity that can’t be sated, along with a tenderness that confirms Grace’s belief he’d never hurt her. At the other end of the spectrum is his fierceness when blinded by the moon call. The carnage he leaves behind is proof of that.

After such emotion they share, it’s apparent to both Archer and Grace that though they want to be together, to try to build a life, the Guild won’t allow Archer to stay. But he’s determined to find a way. The man has a few more surprises in him. I enjoyed these two together quite a bit. They both have pasts they want to forget, but that past is what has shaped them into who they are today and they accept each other just like they are.

We also meet Diana, a female bloodhound who needs a guiding hand to learn more about her animal side. I’m hoping she gets her own book. She’s an interesting character and I’d like to see who shows up as her hero. This is my first Bloodhound book. I do think not reading at least the first book in series put me at a bit of a disadvantage, mostly in meeting all the characters initially and seeing their involvement in each other’s lives as the story arc progresses. But I find that I now have a hankering for bloodhounds. Who knew!

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