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Information by Hans Christian Von Baeyer
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Jul 29, 2007

really liked it

an interesting and well written book, it takes the reader chronologically through the history of the concept of information.[return]the pace is quite quick and hans christian von baeyer skillfully puts the necessary scientific insights and backgrounds into theories without making it a heavy tome. for each classical figure in scientific history who has given us a step change, we also get a brief overview of their character and how their efforts have formalised 'information' as we see it today. [return]we also get the contrasts of simply measuring the bits (even q-bits) of information through to determining what we know from expressing things as huge unknowns, there is also a good section on quality of information and noise.[return]later in the book we get the 'economy' of information where we try to express the most in most efficient way. [return]an example is the mention of samual morse as an inovator in the telegraphic age for the efficiency of his code (together with a background regarding his enthusiasm for expressing and informing...) then having moved forward into our present information age of high speed processing and communications, the final chapters of the book move into the realms of quantum theory and how we may move forward again in our processing and manipulation of information in the next few decades.[return]a good book based on a good scientific background, but expressed in a relaxed and informal style where you feel the personal input of each person in history who has moved us forward in our insight...

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