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Fooling Houdini by Alex  Stone
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Aug 27, 12

Read in August, 2012

Have you ever wondered how Uri Geller can bend a spoon?
How did David Coperfield make the Stature of Liberty Disappear?
How can the psychics in New Orleans know the name of your loved one?
Why do physics, math , mentalism, memory collide?
How many shuffles does it really take to make a deck of cards random?

Alex Stone author of Fooling up everything (a PhD progam at MIT in physics) to undercover the hidden art of Magic. He shuffles and flips cards until his fingers are blistered doing card tricks. His sense of touch becomes so good he can recognize if a deck of cards is 51 instead of 52. He gets excommunicated from a magic society for exposing the secrets. He puts in all in the line in Las Vegas at a Magic Convention in front of the world's best.

I like Alex Stone...he doesn't just write about a subject he lives it. Think Fatsis and Scrabble or AJ Jacobs and the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

5 stars to Fooling Houdini...who doesn't enjoy being completely flabergasted over a great magic trick!

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