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Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O'Brien
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Aug 03, 2015

it was amazing
bookshelves: young-adult, sci-fi

My brother brought home this book from school. He had to read it for an assignment. This must have been back in the day when schools had excess funding because he was allowed to keep the book. Outside of Stephen King, I had never read any apocalyptic novels. In fact, I think my entire library was composed of second-hand V.C. Andrews books and King books I had purchased at Walmart. I was just starting to discover that there was other authors that excellent at storytelling.

Almost 20 years later and the details of this novel still stick with me. It explained long-term survival skills (which helped me build upon what I had learned in My Side of the Mountain) and the dangers of being the last female on earth. I think it might have fueled my obsession that summer to live in the wild and survive off the land. I began making shelters all over my farm (log cabins, countless tree houses, and a cornstalk hut. I even cleaned out several rooms in the barn to make them more inviting. My dad, upon discovery of these newly cleaned out rooms, quickly filled them up with free junk that he got off his friends, so this exercise was completely futile. Needless to say, I'm not quite certain why I felt the need to live in the woods when there was a perfectly serviceable house with local water and several fireplaces.

My farm was much like the protagonists. It was in a valley. It had streams. I could survive here (maybe). On my own, I could make it. I knew the edible wild plants. I had a farm with livestock and crops. And if someone came down the road in a haz-mat suit, I had several locations I could fallback to if my life was threatened.

Yes. I would survive.

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