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Creationism for Dummies by I.M. Pork
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Sad to tell, this book has never been published and does not in fact exist. I am, however, confident that a judicious application of the Ontological Argument should be enough to resolve these minor technical problems.

As Anselm of Canterbury nearly said in 1103, many books could potentially be called Creationism for Dummies. Most of them will be imperfect in some way. But, inevitably, there must also be a perfect version of Creationism for Dummies. Since existence is a perfection, an existing Creationism for Dummies must be more perfect than a non-existing Creationism for Dummies. Hence the perfect Creationism for Dummies exists.

For more details, consult your local source of infallible truth or this page.
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message 1: by Traveller (new)

Traveller LOL

message 2: by Clif (new)

Clif Hostetler I think there's some money making potential in this idea. You've got a good start here. It could be a best seller in two categories at once, self-help and comedy.

message 3: by Manny (new) - added it

Manny Much to my regret, I must confess that I am neither Professor I.M. Pork nor Dr. Fuller Beans. I do indeed hope that they make a few bucks out of this brilliant idea.

message 4: by Traveller (last edited Jul 23, 2012 08:34AM) (new)

Traveller *Applause for Manny's excellent insight into ontology*

PS: But I thought you said the universe was especially created just for us.. - is that what one finds between the covers of this book? :P

Heheh- nearly said. Manny, i love it when you put your funny hat on. XD

message 5: by Manny (new) - added it

Manny Thank you Traveller!

And, in response to your question, the thing that annoys me most about the Intelligent Design people is that they make such a terrible case for what is in fact a perfectly respectable idea. Why can't they abandon evolution and start looking at cosmology instead? Then we might have an interesting discussion.

message 6: by Traveller (new)

Traveller Manny wrote: "Why can't they abandon evolution and start looking at cosmology instead? ."

Maybe because it's "above" them? >:D

message 7: by Rozzer (new)

Rozzer Thanks, Manny. A great link.

message 8: by Manny (new) - added it

Manny I stumbled across it and felt I had to share :)

message 9: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Traveller wrote: "Manny wrote: "Why can't they abandon evolution and start looking at cosmology instead? ."

Maybe because it's "above" them? >:D"

Yes, cosmology is really over some people's heads...

message 10: by Manny (new) - added it

Manny It's under their feet too. Maybe the first thing they notice is a few picoparsecs of dirt, but if they look just a little deeper...

message 11: by Maria (new)

Maria Such an insightful review Manny! .... It really sums up all there is to know about Creationism.

message 12: by Manny (last edited Jan 12, 2015 07:47AM) (new) - added it

Manny Thank you Maria. Creationism is really a very simple theory when it is stripped down to its essentials. I think many authors go too far into the details and only succeed in confusing their audiences.

message 13: by Nandakishore (new)

Nandakishore Varma Creationism for Dummies? Isn't that a tautology?

message 14: by Manny (new) - added it

Manny No, it is a pleonasm.

message 15: by Nandakishore (new)

Nandakishore Varma Manny wrote: "No, it is a pleonasm."

Thanks! I am not that much well-read in logic and philosophy.

message 16: by Manny (last edited Jan 12, 2015 08:43AM) (new) - added it

Manny I always have fun with this pedantic distinction. For some reason the word 'pleonasm' is very obscure, even though it's actually quite useful.

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