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Another [アナザー] 1st period by Yukito Ayatsuji
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Jul 23, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: manga, mystery, suspense-thriller, horror
Read in July, 2012

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I never into horror because if it's not creeped me out, it's always made me cringe shamelessly. So yeah.... not into horror.

And. The anime version of this story was out, and then my friends fangirl over it said it was sooooooooo good so I can't help but getting curious and then I decided to buy the DVD and then tada! IT. WAS. HORROR!!

This story was about a boy named Kouichi Sakakibara who got his sickness relapse when he's about to start new semester in his new school, Yamakita school class 3-3. First, some student's reps met him in hospital and act strange, asked him if he was ever in Yamamiya town before, which he never. After that, at night he met a girl with Yamakita's uniform who went to hospital's mortuary to "give something to someone", only to meet that same girl in his class the next day and everybody in class doesn't seem to notice her. The other students said that she, Mei Misaki, was "non-existent" but he didn't believe it. As his meeting with Mei getting often, the students at class 3-3 and their relatives started to die one by one each month due to "the mishap" that happened each year to the class 3-3 residents since 26 years ago.

I like this story's mystery--though I dislike the horror. I keep guessing who will be the "dead one" and still the actual "dead one" was so far from my imagination. The characters a bit on my unapproved side since Kouichi was quite nagging for a boy my standard. But Mei and other characters were fine, so I kinda forget Kouichi and focused on the other. lol.

This story was released in 3 formats so far: a novel first, then the manga and anime version followed. All the three version have a bit differences, mostly on who died on what month. I watch the anime first, then getting curious with the manga verse and decided to read it, which I like more because one of my favorite characters is survive in manga version, while in anime he's being the fell victim of "the death of August" (view spoiler).

The anime version has more intense thriller--and killing and gore and psychological thingy--on "The Death of August" arc. (view spoiler) But the manga version has more realistic art, though not as gore as the anime, I love the drawing. The manga verse also has this gentler after-mishap arc, with every survivor of "the mishap" being all smiles.

What dissapoint me was the fact that there's no real resolution for "the mishap". (view spoiler) And though Chibiki-sensei said that there must be something behind "the mishap", the resolution just not reach there.

So yeah, since I'm a horror newbie, this story deserve my 4 stars. FOR THE HORROR AND MYSTERY!!
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message 1: by Kencana (last edited Jul 24, 2012 02:08AM) (new)

Kencana Awal-awal ceritanya agak lambat. Kouichi is a bit meh. Tipikal tokoh utama cowok di manga horror. Saya lebih suka Mei dan Misaki (kembaran Mei). Endingnya okelah. Nggak menjanjikan happy ending khas horror.

message 2: by Yuu (new) - rated it 4 stars

Yuu Sasih Kouichi terlalu cerewet buat saya. ahahaha. dan memang diakuin sama Mei sih jadi yah...

Ending manga Akazawa nggak mati, saya jadi sedikit, well, nggak puas. :p

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