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Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning
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Jul 22, 2012

it was ok
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Read in February, 2011

I loved Mac. She's the friend we all should have and strive to be. She's protective, loyal, will kick butt to save you and yet she's there to party it up with you whenever she can. I wrote before that I had cried with her, I had laughed with her, I had felt her frustrations, her sorrows, her joy, her determination, and I held her hand as she went through her darkest times. When she kicked Fae ass I cheered her on, when she made mistakes I tried to shield her from the hurt, when she was stupid I wanted to smack some sense into her, when she was raped by those fecking Faes I wept at her side, and when she being toyed at by everyone who wanted to use her, I had my weapon at my side waiting to fight those bastards off.

Yes, I loved Mac. For being such an flawed character who strive to change herself and fought her hardest to live even when death beckoned at her. I just wish that for everything that Mac went though and all the heartache she endured she would had been given a HEA that was worthy of her. No, I don't mean sparkles and a fake everything-is-rainbows-and-unicorns ending. It was just that, I didn't like Jericho as the series continued and I hated that he was Mac's Hero—you know the man who is suppose be Mac's love interest and her One True Love.

Sure he was dark, brooding, had a sense of humor, intelligent, mysterious, and hot--just about everything you want in a man and it almost made me forget why I hated him. That is, until his ugly personality came out knocking away his good looks and he showed me his true self. He wanted Mac to tell him her darkest secrets BUT god forbid if he gave her a wisp of what HE KNEW. And, God forbid if she didn't upright tell him that she loved him when all he did was growled and manipulate her into submission while keeping her in the dark about everything under the damn sun. So yeah, why would she give him a heart-wrenching confession under these circumstances?

Plain and simple, Jericho was an ass. The Ass. I could write an essay on why I absolutely hated him but my brain is pretty much mush now after re-reading this entire series. As a "hero", for lack of a better word, The Ass could had had been a little bit more development in the growing-up department. It was irritating since he kept secrets from Mac and didn't lift a finger to help her until she was bleeding or almost dead. Or both. Yeah, yeah, I didn't expect a Heart2Heart from him but it would had been nice if he had developed some sense and realized that maybe because Mac is the woman he's using, it wouldn't hurt to inform her of some of His Dark and Deadly Secrets —you know before she almost die for the hundredth time and not because it's ¾ into the last book of the series. Or maybe I'm just tired of the mysterious assholes aka brooding angry emos that seem to keep bopping up in books either be adult romance or young adults. I know years ago I would had gone all gaga over Jericho but now guys like him just make me wanna bang my head over my desk. Repeatedly.

Mac really got the last end of the deep shit. By the time the “love confessions” came around I was already weeping at the unfairness and lousy execution of it. It was just thrown at us. Literally thrown at us. The Ass pretty much figured out that once Mac had been exhausted to no end and wouldn't run away from him he'll suddenly start touching her like she's some kind of fragile glass and tell her of His Dark and Deadly Past. Big Whoopee Yippee. Good for you, The Ass.

I know this review is all rambles and incoherent but I can't help it. The FEELS I have for this book is completely out of my mind-range. I don't know how to deal with it. I don't think I know how to deal with it. It's like my mind has been mind-warped into some other dimension that doesn’t allow me to think freely or clearly and then I suddenly have a bright idea to write how I truly feel. --sigh of frustrations-- I don't want to read any more of Moning's books because I have a feeling that her next ones will eat my brain completely and devour my heart along with it. But then again, my older sister the Ultimate-Mac-and-Jericho-Forever-Fan aka Deeply Devoted NutJob will probably buy the next series and I'll have no choice but to read it (b/c it's JUST RIGHT THERE) and say goodbye to common sense. Oh, the joy.

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