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Earth Unaware by Orson Scott Card
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Jul 26, 2012

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Read from July 22 to 25, 2012

I think right out of the gate I am a little biased about this book. I've been reading Scott Card and his Enderverse for a looooong time now. And I've loved everything I've read. This book was no exception which I'm a little surprised at since I was a bit leery of the fact that it was co-authored.

Earth Unaware is a prequel to the widely acclaimed Ender's Game, the story that started the saga. Ender's Game starts off with the human race already in the midst of an interstellar war with a race we have dubbed the "Formics" due to their uncanny resemblance to giant ants. Ender's Game and the subsequent novels, though they mention the start of the war, never get very specific. Earth Unaware finally answers our desire to know more about what really went down when the Formics came across Earth.

Like most novels in the Enderverse saga, the book follows a few main characters. In this novel it was mainly Victor Delgado, a young expert mechanic on the family-run asteroid mining ship of El Cavador, Wit O’Toole, the leader of the Mobile Operations Police, MOPs, an international peacekeeping force, and Lem Jukes, heir to Juke Limited, the largest asteroid mining company in the known world.

El Cavador is the first to notice something odd: a ship going close to the speed of light, something far beyond human grasp as the novel opens. The ship seems to be decelerating and headed toward a group of Italian miner ships that just recently bartered with El Cavador, taking Victor’s young love with them. Unsure if the ship is hostile or not, Victor’s family heads toward the Italian ships; barely limping along after a run in with Lem Juke, who bumped them off an asteroid.

All four of the Italian ships are destroyed by the unidentified ship and few survivors are found. El Cavador, unable to send messages to Earth due to interference from the alien ship, speeds after it, enlisting help along the way to stop the ship before it reaches Earth.

I was very surprised at how early on I was gripped by this novel. I was INSTANTLY attached to Victor and how his thought process went and throughout the book was always on his side. The remaining characters were engaging but I didn’t get the irrational attachment to them like I did victor.

I did however, greatly enjoy Lem Jukes. He was written exceedingly well, with a very believable balance of dirtbag and genuinely good guy.

The only character that seemed out of place was Wit O’Toole, the only main character on Earth. His story line was interesting; especially due to the militaristic nature of his plot and the amazing way Scott Card has with writing tactical narratives. The book is obviously not a stand-alone novel and I’m sure O’Toole is going to play a much larger part in the succeeding novels.

If you loved any of the Enderverse novels this book will not disappoint. If you haven’t, since it is the beginning of the main overarching storyline, it’s a good place to start, even thought you won’t be able to freak out like a total geek when the authors graciously drop Mazer Rackham into the mix just for our joyful pleasure!!!

This novel is great! Very much on par with Ender’s Game. I would recommend it to everyone, along with all the other Enderverse novels I’ve read.

Check it out! It’s a definite keeper!

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