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Angelfall by Susan Ee
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Jul 22, 2012

it was amazing
Read on July 22, 2012


Angelfall, Angelfall, Angelfall... Fran thank you for sending me this book! I swear this is one of the best books I've ever read. Yes, I love a lot of books... but not like this one. This is one of those books I will be re-reading. Susan Ee is fan-flipping amazing. OMG. When I read the last page this is what my face looked like:


YEAH... that ending was not enough for me. Okay, let's start from the beginning. So, Penryn, her mother, and her sister are hiding out in their condo because of the apocalypse. Gangs rule the day while supernatural creatures rule the night. They have ran out of food and need to move to another place. So, at night Penryn and her family make a move which is a little harder because Penryn's sister is crippled and can't walk so they have to push her in her wheelchair. Everything is going fine though until an angel falls out of the sky and is then surrounded by other angels in a fight.

They ALMOST got away but Penryn's sister made a noise and turned the attention to them. Penryn is desperate and helps the angel that all of the other angels are beating up by throwing him his knife... and while she is doing that an angel flies, swoops her sister up, and takes her sister away. Devastated and desperate for answers she knows that if she wants any answers she will have to keep this wounded angel with no wings alive.

Gah! Yeah that was only the first couple of freaking chapters of this book... omg you NEED to read this... no you have to read this. When the wounded Angel Raffe starts to heal Penryn starts to ask questions, questions that Raffe won't answer. Soon enough they embark on a journey together. Raffe wants his wings sewn back on while Penryn wants to find her sister which Raffe thinks is dead.

They have to eat catfood to survive and dried up instant noodles (YUCK!).

Like literally when she is trying to put these bandages on his feet because of his blisters I felt like I could literally see his feet as he stuck them out for Penryn to examine. I LOVED this scene... here are some of my favorite quotes from this scene.

Penryn: "Let me see your feet".

Raffe: "That's a pretty intimate demand in the angel world. It usually takes dinner, some wine, and a sparkly conversation for me to give up my feet".

HAHAHAHA, I laughed so hard on this part...

Penryn and Raffe also get caught and held at this camp where these humans or the "Resistance" are forming an army to fight against the angels to take back their world.

Then there is the first kiss scene... Raffe really pisses me off for being a douche in this scene. But he makes it up so I guess I forgive him.

I was a little confused at the ending with the whole scorpion and weird children thing... but I guess Susan is saving it for Book #2. READ THIS it is ONLY $2.99 as an e-book and worth SO MUCH MORE.

Penryn is a feisty thing, full of courage and Raffe is stubborn and tough. If you love action (there is non-stop action going on in this book), and a LITTLE tad of romance... I'm serious just a LITTLE than you'll love this. I know I more than loved this! Okay, I will quit rambling already.

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