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Quiet by Susan Cain
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Jan 03, 2016

it was amazing

Update: Solid 5 stars..( Jan. 3rd 2016)...
I had a reason for a 4.9 rating years ago..
I still believe what I wrote ... however..
this book is a lifetime favorite book!!!
I had a conversation about it just yesterday.
I can get very charged up about this book.
When I've purged giving books away.. I've always 'kept' this one for myself ( yet I've bought extra copies a few times and have given it as a gift).
I feel everyone benefits from this book..'everyone' ... and the process of reading it is a fabulous journey too!

Rating: 4.9. Why not a solid 5 star rating? At 'times' I felt the author (an introvert herself), painted a slanted side of the extrovert. [these were just 'small' between-the-line-gut-feelings I felt 'sensitive to']....
This book is 'excellent'. Its interesting as can be -informative-important- and enjoyable.
...A fast read even 'with' sitting at a table taking notes. (I took 8 long pages of notes)-- it was pure 'joy'....(engaging with this topic). Much to think about, to remember, to discuss.

Our book club will talk about this book together Oct. 20th (can't wait).

All teachers and parents would benefit from reading this book.
*Everyone* would benefit reading this book!

I'd suggest this book to EVERYONE!!!
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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah What is an extrovert to do? :)

Iris  Pereyra So agree with you Elyse, everyone can take something from this wise, well written book, particularly parents and educators.

This is probably the book that made me a fan of non-fiction for life.
I discovered that a well written non-fiction book can be as entertaining as a fictional one and educate readers without boring them to death...

Great review :)

message 3: by Pradnya (new) - added it

Pradnya K. Elyse, it's been on my list too. I know what you're saying.. :)

Elyse Sarah... laughing..maybe stay away from politics! lol

And...( for me)...,
Have their best friends be bright introverts and learn from them.
Train themselves & practice 'quiet' alone time..meditate - yoga- walk in nature...
Learn to fully listen...
Possibly begin a new creative 'alone' project ..play an instrument - an art project - etc.
All of the above I did -over time!
The bouncy cheerleader/gymnast/
Tree climbing/skateboard kid.. I was.. who couldn't sit still long enough to read a book - stay with my flute practice ... ( sometimes I almost burned our house down making candles though -- they were everywhere)...
I was an extrovert' ( but I had sensitive moments)...
I'm not as much anymore. ( yet,still sensitive)..,extrovert is part of my personally -- as I really love the life of 'people'...but today... I need and value my alone time to fully recharge.

Happy New Year, Sarah!

Elyse You'll love it Pradnya!!!
A very happy New Year to you too!!!

message 6: by Candi (new) - added it

Candi I was just thinking about this book this morning, Elyse! I've owned a copy for some time now and think it will help me out with my son a bit. I was always "shy" as a kid but always wanted to be around people. He seems content with just a handful of select friends and a quiet social life. I think it's ok but other family members don't. Need some more insight!!a

message 7: by Rod (new) - added it

Rod Thank you for bringing this book to my awareness. I enjoy your reviews and recommendations, particularly the variety of your selections.

Mindy Kannon Awesome book!

Elyse Mindy...we sure agree!!!

Candi: You and I both read a lot -- If somebody said to me --we could 'only' read 5 books this year (but as many times as you want) --being a very difficult choice to ever have to make of course --
I can't say 'for sure' what my 5 books would be -- (haven't thought it through fully) --
but I know this book belongs HIGH on a MUST READ list ...
for ALL parents... ALL teachers. (people in the corporate world, too) ..
It gives such a wonderful understanding for introverts ---(often people I admire most in my life--always had --but didn't even know it --but my 'very' closest friends --people I trusted/trust most not to hurt me -to allow into the deepest part of my pain -etc. were/are 'always' introverts --they are people I still tend to feel most safe with.

I enjoy the energy and 'fun' factors or extroverts -- (a blast) --and maybe we need the balance --
but I cried and cried for the 'child' in myself from this book.
I wanted to be an introvert. I knew I suffered from not being one.
The author talks about the teen years...(its a useful chapter in the book). Those kids who are often ''super-social" --not spending 'enough' alone time (at a time in their life when they don't have job responsibilities and families to support)....
will often suffer later in their adult years...

Its the best time of life to develop a talent --develop their own creative talents --being bored is even good . From boredom --comes creativity.
If too scheduled with group activities --their brains don't get enough independent development.

Your son --from what you told me sounds AMAZING....(even his Xmas project wasn't something most kids would have done) --And those 'few' social friends are 'special'...
Candi: I've always been so inspired by you -as mom -AND human being ...(I felt a strong connection with you right away...and I wasn't sure why...and now you tell me you were a shy kid ....I would have felt most safe with you) ---
I might have been a chatterbox.....
but I came from a very broken home --- so it was the kids who were quiet -yet a strong inner self --I wanted to be around. (not sure I'm making sense) ...
Just read this book! lol and I soooooooooooooo would love to hear what you think! (then give the book to those family members you mentioned) Huge hugs!!!

Elyse Rod: I'm sincerely thankful to your very kind nice words.
Very sweet! Given how sensitive I have been feeling recently --about writing reviews --(well, its just very nice!)... Thanks again!

Elyse Iris --darling.... lol How did you sneak in here without me not seeing? huh? - (Iris is the 'wonder-woman' I had the conversation with yesterday about this book)...
I soooooooooooooooooooooooo agree with you (see, I added more oooooooooo's ...so its REALLY TRUE!)!
Non-Fiction 'can' be enjoyable I still love my fiction books too...
(gotta mix things up)...
I read for comfort...
I read for information..
I 'stretch' read (sometimes) : I want to read a few classics this year which I'm sure will be a stretch...
I also read OUT of FRIENDSHIP-RELATIONSHIPS....(I'm human --I love to support my friends) --this will include goodread authors I'm friends with --
authors I'm friends with - or authors I'm already in love with from past books. I even have a couple of crushes on publishers...lol
I get attached --(tribal)
Reading --is an extension of 'people' -(and relationships)...'the heartbeat' of life... so its all about (people & reading) together for me! ...and you know YOU rock my boat! :)

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Elyse wrote: "Sarah... laughing..maybe stay away from politics! lol

And...( for me)...,
Have their best friends be bright introverts and learn from them.
Train themselves & practice 'quiet' alone time..meditate..."

Happy New Year! I can sit and read and I do lots of yoga, but I've got to me! It's all good, we need each other.

Elyse We do! ....and funny --just yesterday I told a few old local friends --(people I tried to pretend we didn't need them when Paul and I had our 5 surgeries last year --that we were happy living our own orphan life ) --- we were sending people away right and left...
turns out we 'do' love our friends --and we do need them. I've no idea why we/I push people away I/we care about? but I have....(nasty part of myself) ...
Why is it ..people hold things together pretty well 'during' crisis periods....but when its over ...(months later even) --they fall apart?
people are crazy --all of us....but yep...we need each other! Flaws and all! Guess that's when the word 'forgiveness' counts for something! lol

Cheers to 2016, Sarah!

Debarghya Paul This is an extremely powerful book...Maybe just a little bit biased. Being an introvert myself, i have no reasons to complain though.

Elyse Agree Debar...and see, we are friends...I like introverts! :)

Iris  Pereyra Hi Sabah, love the Cat woman profile pic! I am a big fan, LOL

Elyse Agree, with Iris, ..........
Sabah Great Cat woman profile!!!
Also, Sabah: (and I'm betting this is true for you) --The few close friends I have who are also 'extroverts' -- we have a 'tight' bond --(but we have both done spiritual-type-work --and we speak a deep language of understanding each other -- can see each other 'in' each other). These are great relationships, too.... 'if' picked carefully IMO.....(let the snakes go)....lol Right??!

Iris  Pereyra By the way, I am introvert but our friend Elyse here has done a good job at getting me out my cocoon and although she's definitely an extrovert she's a good listener.... :)

Elyse Iris, My entire family has fallen in love with you. Just today, I was thinking you'll be 'much' closer in vicinity to Ali..(her 5 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 iguana) ...than Paul and I. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears on the news (safety, etc.) in 'all' of Florida now for both you and Ali!
If you notice --my ears started perking up 10 times more about Florida -since I met you...(and that was before I knew Ali was moving to your state)...
I just finished a book last night "The Flight of Pickerings" that takes place in Florida.....(wonderful story -it would make a great movie...I could just see it)
I'll write a review sometime -if the author ever puts his book on Goodreads! lol :)
Iris -'You' have been a wonderful friend! I learn from you -constantly --but most I value you deeply.

By the way---Have you guys noticed how we begin to fall in love with countries -and states our goodreads friends live in?
When I first met Esil, --my love for Canada went up-up-up (and I have several friends who live in different parts) --
but it was Esil that had me fall deeper in love (protective even) --lol --for Canada! Then I wanted to read more authors from Canada.
Same with Suzanne in Australia...(she and I go 'way' back...maybe my first close friend on this site) . I can't think of Australia -without- thinking of Suzanne!
Violet too....(its Italy for me -all the way!) -- My interest continues to grow of all these places where our friends live!

Same with you, Sabah... no pressure -(haha), -but I especially look forward to seeing photos of that bridge 'because' you were there not not ago in London,.. the one that wasn't built when I was last there. (another life time ago).

I could go on and on....
Agree...Deanna and Candi....(god yes!) --- these women are awesome!
Pradnya (if you haven't had the pleasure yet to connect --you must do so) -- this young lady is a beautiful soul!!! She is best parts of India & more -- pure beauty!

Looking at 'everyone' who posted in here --moves me...
Mindy... so many wonderful things in life she values --many which fit with me completely..
Sarah and I go way back...(every time I see this bright woman --I'm excited to have another moment of time of her time) --
and our young guy 'Debar' is a sweetheart of a guy...
and Rod -- (wow) --soooooooooooooooo nice!

so--yeah --some days we run away from this site (we need to live our lives) -- -other days we just feel mushy towards the people we like.
As Iris told me the other day --we can 'feel' each others 'moods' (even online) -
Kinda true!

so...Sabah: THANKS so much for your post. I 'really got it'.!!!
You & I connected right away! (in a 'knowing' way) Makes sense we would both feel this!! :)

Also--something else I've notice... (wonder if any of you have)....
A few of my closest woman friends --are either 10 years older --or 10 years younger...
The ones -where we are 'the same' age --are more likely to be the friendships I have 40 plus years of history.
Having a 10 year age span --(takes peer pressure away for 'all' involved --no parallel living comparisons) --
Of course we should all be above such 'petty' thought --but it can happen. Less so with some age difference.

so....on that note....I'll go off line for awhile --be with Paul! (write reviews either tomorrow of during the middle of the night if I wake up) lol

Hugs you lovely people! xoxox

Debarghya Paul Elyse wrote: "Agree Debar...and see, we are friends...I like introverts! :)"

Haha...Good for us!

Elyse laughing! .....too cute Sabah!............
and lucky me, Debar :)

message 22: by Candi (new) - added it

Candi Elyse, thank you sooo much for the personal insights on this book. I really think I should put this literally in my pile so that I get to it very soon!! And, as you suggest, share it with certain family members! By the way, you are all so very warm over here, it makes me all giddy!

Elyse Candi: Giddy is a great word for the people in here..,lol

Cool people posting., mushy fun connections :)..

Great people Are Great People...
I wonder if it has anything to do with us all enjoying books - family - & friends..

I'm sure you'll share comments once you read this book, Candi..
I'll look forward to them too! :) hugs giddy girl! lol

Sabah.. You now have 2 friends who are 63!!
:) xoxo.

Elizabeth La Lettrice I was just thinking about this book yesterday! I read it last year, I believe, and it still lingers in thought so much, especially in my day-to-day interactions. I did discover so much about myself while reading it, including my tendency to be EXHAUSTED by people and my lack of understanding that others are not as perceptive as I can be while in a room together. I'm like a sponge! I look forward to reading this again and wish I could sell it better to my extroverted friends (many of whom do not often seem to have the focus or desire to read) so they can better understand me. Ha!

message 25: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda I enjoy your enthusiasm for this book. I added it to my tbr list. I watched her TED talk about the power of introverts, and it was wonderful.

message 26: by Suzanne (new) - added it

Suzanne Excellent review, Glenn. I have this on my list and will buy it soon. A friend of mine presented this book as a speech for a class and as an introvert she was outstanding! She made me want to read it more. This book does sound good.

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