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Midnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo
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Oct 27, 12

did not like it
Read on July 22, 2012

*sigh*. I try not to be a book snob - because who knows the circumstances surrounding a book's publishing? Maybe somebody had a boy magician story rolling around in their head long before Harry Potter came along but didn't publish quickly enough. Or maybe HP inspired another brilliant story with similar aspects to it. I would hate to miss out on a great book just because a story seemingly was riding the coattails of another book.

But, unfortunately, my reasoning behind my non-book-snobbiness doesn't hold up with this book. It's NOT a great story. It's NOT an inspired piece. It's simply a pitiful attempt to cash in on the Potter craze. It might have been interesting if the author was a better story teller. I might have cared about the characters if they hadn't been one dimensional and boring. I might have thought the plot was good if it wasn't so wishy-washy and full of holes.

In fact, I'm not even going to outline anymore of the book's many faults. I'm just going to suggest that you don't bother reading it.

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