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Enchanted by Alethea Kontis
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Jul 22, 2012

did not like it
Read in July, 2012

Being an absolute lover of fairy tales, it took only a glimpse of the "Fairy Tales" genre pasted on this book to interest me. In fact, I might have read it based on the cover alone. Or the title. Or the author's name. Alethea? What a beautiful name.
Enchanted is the story of the Woodcutter family, particularly the youngest, Sunday. The seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and seventh son, Sunday is destined to be "blithe and bonny and good and gay" and do lots of wonderful things. She's innocent and beautiful etc. etc. and likes writing. Except that whatever she writes comes true...
One day she meets a frog and falls in love. She kisses him but leaves. The frog, an enchanted prince, turns human and is determined to win Sunday's love. Except that - as Prince Rumbold - he happens to be one of the people the Woodcutter's dislike the most.
Meanwhile, each of Sunday's sisters (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...etc.) have their own running threads that will come to a head at the balls hosted by Prince Rumbold...
A combination of the Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, and like, Snow White Enchanted also has a few other fairy tale threads running through. Like Jack and the Beanstalk, The Princess and the Pea, and a few others that escape my memory. Its very creative, original book with a traditional Grimm feel...
And I didn't like it.
At all.
I liked the plot. I liked the idea of it. I even enjoyed some aspects of the characters. I appreciate the cleverness of the story. I just didn't like it.
Take Sunday for example. She made me want to gag. She is beautiful and innocent and oh-so-wonderful and naive and has all these wonderful gifts and means to do the best with them a weak, irritating girl who falls in love with a frog. In three days. Like, passionately I-will-never-love-again sort of love.
In three days.
With a frog.
Except, she does fall in love. With Prince Rumbold...within the space of a dance. Or three days, give or take. She bemoans her fate when there seems to be little to bemoan. She complains about chores. She was weak and irritating. The only thing I liked about her was her relationship with her brother Trix. Perhaps I am getting to used to the modern idea of a kick-butt I-can-take-care-of-myself genre of heroine. Perhaps she isn't even supposed to be a heroine, but a damsel in distress. but she really isn't that either. I don't know. I didn't click with her character.
But it isn't just Sunday. Monday has a facinating story, but remains throughout mostly a nonentity whose marriage remains confusing. Tuesday, well, read the book for that. Wednesday...gosh, she made no sense. Thursday, don't know her. Friday, Saturday...
The problem is, these girls aren't heroines. They are weak. They have exciting powers and no personalities. Just, good character traits. Easily definable. They are about as deep as the silly rhyme about their births - "Monday's child is fair of face/Tuesday's child is full of grace/" etc.
So, insipid main characters.
And then there is Prince Rumbold! UGH. First you get the idea he was a quiet young man, with no friends, then suddenly he is a wild womanizer with a dreadful past he can't quite remember. And what the heck is with the balls? He shows up after being enchanted as a frog for nine months, and his first words are "lets throw a ball and invite every maiden"?! Wouldn't it be a bazzzillion times easier and cheaper for him to just go the Woodcutter's shoe/cottage/house thing and try wooing Sunday the good ole fashion way? I think I might have appreciated Prince Rumbold more if his character wasn't so confusing. His "voice" is muddled. What is supposed to be suspenseful or foreshadowing just mucks up the plot.
The whole King-Sorrow-Joy thing was bizzare and kind of confusing.
I liked Trix, Erik, and Velius.
Sort of. Trix most of all. There were to many weird insinuations about Velius, who otherwise had potential.
I just didn't like Enchanted. I didn't really appreciate any of the characters. The plot was clever, but got muddled and confusing and at times, boring. Poisoned combs and people falling asleep and shoes. And I love fairy tales! But somehow, this one just didn't do it for me.
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Veronica I can absolutely relate to everything you said. Everything! I too was disappointed. I couldn't even get I I the second one, for whatever reason I thought I'd try.

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