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The Reagan Diaries by Ronald Reagan
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Jul 22, 2012

did not like it

I like books on leadership and histories human who evidently have achieved great things in life, whether they be something we agree with or not, no doubt reagan would be worth studying, but my gosh this book was boring, i actually switched off after the first few chapters, maybe its beause of its 'diary' style, but i think some structure would have been helpful rather than just random quotes and narration of what his diaries said

maybe its just me, and this isn't a fiar review, but i just couldn't finish this book with no reason wanting to make you read on, and I guess I don't have any burning interest in Reagan himself besides perhaps an insight to what made him a man of influence, but this diary style of narration was testing my patience too much to have the will to finish it off

Waseem Mirza

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Danny Smith I am enjoying the book but I have a great interest in Reagan. I was a democrat that couldn't stand Ronald Reagan because all I heard from liberals and democrats was how terrible he was. When Carter ran for reelection and I realized that I couldn't vote for him I started looking for an alternative. I supported Ted Kennedy and when he lost I looked at George Bush and then John Anderson and finally decided to hold my nose and vote for Reagan to get rid of Carter. A funny thing happened though. I began to listen to Reagan without the filter of liberal bias and came to admire Reagan. I voted for him and by the time the next election came around I was a republican and a Reaganite. I have never gone back and don't regret my support for Reagan. I think he was the greatest president of the 20th century and one of the greatest of all time. That is why I am fascinated by his diary. It is insight into his thinking.

Waseem Thanks for sharing your views Danny...good to hear from a fellow reader of the book


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