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Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian
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Nov 11, 2008

really liked it
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Siti Hajar Mohd. Khairi

Fake Boyfriend
By Kate Brian
240 pages
Simon and Schuster. $16.99
ISBN 13: 9781416913672
(Ages 14 & up)

Could you create the perfect guy just for your best friend who had witnessed her own boyfriend cheating? Could you pay someone to be the guy you had created on Myspace? Would you go through all this trouble just for a friend? Would you LIE to your friend just to make them happy? That is exactly what Lane and Vivi do upon the break-up of their best friend, Izzy and Shawn Littig (aka Sluttig), the player. They can't stand Izzy getting hurt every time she broke up with him and they are always amazed when they get back together. It is time for Operation Sluttig and to end all communications from Sluttig at once.

Vivi, Lane and Izzy share a strong bond of friendship. They can't bare to see the other go down. They stick together and do everything together. They even design fake profiles on Myspace for their best friend. Friendship is a nice theme in the novel. It shows how much friends would do just to make sure the other is okay and happy.

After creating the perfect guy for Izzy, Vivi calls Marshall to IM Izzy and engage in IM conversations. Day by day Vivi catches Marshall talking to Izzy even though she only assigned him that role when only SHE could be there. Izzy declares that she wants to meet "dream guy" in person. From then on, chaos begins to emerge. Vivi and Lane can't say no. So they had to search for the guy...and quick!

Eventually after much "soul-searching", they find the perfect guy. A guy named Jonathan. They teach him everything. They show him how to dress, talk and memorize all her interests. Another obstacle surfaces. Vivi and Jonathon went from co-workers to...being "something".

This novel is a humorous, heart-warming novel about the strength of frienship and bloom of relationships. Kate Brian made a realistic story about something that could really, truly happen and how things could branch on from something so simple into something that could make you or break you. It shows that even if you love someone so much that you'd do anything to make them stop hurting, it's also good to let them find their own path and learn from their mistakes.


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