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Red by Kate SeRine
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Jul 22, 2012

really liked it
Read on July 22, 2012

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Ever since Once Upon a Time has been a part of our TV fare, Fairy Tales have made a comeback and this new take is hot and saucy. Once Upon a Time all the fairy tales and literary characters lived in Make Believe, engrossed in their own tales. But then 200 years ago a spell was cast incorrectly after a fairy godmother, genie and some plagiarists crossed each other and the fairy tales were thrown into the World of Here and Now where we are known as Ordinary and they as Tales.

And who looks after them but the Fairytale Management Authority, Al Aladdin and his fine team of fairy tale and literary characters, helping all crossed over characters settle down in Here and Now but if they get into trouble and commit a crime, they will come for you. Meet Tess Little, better known to us as Little Red Riding Hood but she doesn’t use that name anymore, not since she left Make Believe. She is an Enforcer for the Chicago branch of the Fairy Tale Management Authority, her job to bring in trouble making Tales. Nowadays, she is known to all as simply Red.

Today, her day just went from bad to worse. Dave ’Pied Piper’ Hamelin has committed suicide right outside out a brothel after Red has confronted him to bring him in over a charge. Lucky for her, she gets Nate ‘Death’ Grimm to investigate. Nate is the top FMA homicide detective and comes from the 1940’s and has a thing for the era in dressing and mannerisms. They have an easy going relationship but that about to be tested when they get asked to work together on a special assignment.

Someone is killing Tales and the death toll is rising. The only lead—claws as the murder weapon, and Red‘s first task is to bring in the suspects that can shape shift. There’s an issue here, however, most of them are old flames of hers. So Nate and Red make a deal: Nate will help her find out about Dave ’Pied Piper’ Hamelin and she will help him with the suspects. But one turns out to be a special old flame, he is the one she thought she could have a happily ever after with—The Big Bad Wolf.

The Big Bad Wolf is actually a shape shifter and in Fairy Tales was the hunter in her own story that she ultimately fell in love with. Long ago, when the village she lived in discovered their affair, Red was forced to run away and found Granny. Gran or Tilly as she is now known to the Tales, is a successful cook with cookbooks and a TV show. She is the only mother figure in Red’s life although she has lots of friends and surprising ones at that.

As a best friend, Red could have chosen anyone but who she chose is a surprising one. She has chosen the one and only Elizabeth Bennet-Darcy, now known as Eliza, who came over with Mr. Darcy in the Lit Migration of 2000. Eliza is the only one Red truly can relax around and let down her guard. Elizabeth is not the only character we have come to love from fairy tales and literary classics visited for this novel. These characters prove to be mostly a loyal lot.

When one of Red’s loved ones is attacked and manages to survive it, things become personal and very involving.

When I first read this, I immediately though of Once Upon a Time but now after finishing it, I am more reminded of a childhood cartoon where two detectives are in the Fairy tale Detectives and investigate crimes against Tales. But this tale is definitely for grown ups, of course, because of the drugs, money, sex and corruption. I have to give this four couples. This book was interesting and enchanting but I found it to be somewhat reminiscent of the general plot of Once Upon of Time in that characters get sent over because of a spell.
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