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Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed by Anna Campbell
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Jul 22, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on December 31, 2012

I love a good Regency romance, and Anna Campbell writes some of the best around.

Sidonie Forsyth has agreed to meet her beloved sister's gambling debt by giving her body to the odious Jonas Merrick, in place of her sister. She knows little of the man except that he's rich as Croesus and is the hated enemy of her sister's husband. Also that is so badly scarred on his face that her sister wants to vomit at the sight of him.

Roberta had warned her. William, her brother-in-law, had been merciless in his excoriations on Merrick's character and appearance. And of course, like everyone else, Sidonie had heard the gossip.
But nothing had prepared her for that ruined face.

Merrick is expecting her sister.

"I'm your payment, Mr Merrick." Her voice emerged with impressive coolness. Brava incognita. "If you don't collect your winnings from me, the debt becomes moot."

Intrigued, he allows her to stay and they talk a little, and Sidonie begins to realise he is not what she was expecting, either.

Now, even after their short acquaintance, she saw past the scarring to the man beneath. That man was no monster. His features intrigued more than mere handsomeness.

Sidonie is a virgin, and terrified at the prospect of having sex with Jonas. She waits in his bed and strips away her nightgown, desperate to get the debt paid so that she can return to her life.

"Do it." She hardly recognized the strident voice. "For God's sake, don't torture me. Just... do it."

Of course, he doesn't. Jonas is too much of a gentleman to take advantage of her. Already, she is something special in his barren life.

She surprised him. He liked that. He liked it almost as much as he'd liked seeing her unclothed body last night. And he'd liked that very much indeed."

Jonas talks Sidonie into staying for the week and promises her that he will not take her, without her permission. Indeed, he gambles on her changing her mind and seducing him - especially after he kisses her.

Heat. Softness. Trembling uncertainty. A hidden longing to respond. Jonas tasted all that when he dipped his lips to Sidonie's. He couldn't say why he was so deeply moved to be the first man to kiss her. His cock swelled to attention. Her merest presence aroused him. It had from the first. Whatever power she posessed, he was helpless against it.

I hung on to every word, hoping and longing for Sidonie to relent and take Jonas to her bed. I breathed a huge and happy sigh of relief when they did, but being an Anna Campbell novel, the story doesn't stop there. Jonas Merrick is a complex and beautifully drawn character in the very best tradition of tortured heroes. Sidonie has enough feistiness to make her interesting and believeable, and she would make a perfect partner for Jonas.

They say the course of true love never runs smooth, and there are plenty of twists and turns for Jonas and Sidonie. You will, of course, have to read the book and enjoy it for yourself :-)


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