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King Me by Kelly Curry
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Jul 21, 2012

it was ok
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The book as a whole was very predictable. A damsel in distress (who was introduced as someone strong enough to raised a younger sister since 18) let herself be convinced to marry a modern royalty because of her strong desire - we are told - to be with her now dead sister's son for two more years - which is the life (as agreed upon both parties) of their proposed marriage.
As in all romance, the cold blooded arrangement turn romantic - after the heroine goes tru a major wardrobe and cosmetic transformation/make-over. And they lived HEA.
I liked the characters, or in this instance, they are familiar that they are easy to get into. A greiving handsome, rich, and spoiled prince coming to terms to the new responsibility of a kingdom. So spoiled that he said point blank in the heroine's face that she is so ordinary looking that the common people would not believe he is in loved to her since his entire life he has sorrounded his life with glamorous and world class beauties.
A grieving heroine who dumped a five/six month old baby in the said prince's lap - because its the rightful heir to the throne of the kingdom. A very flimsy excuse to my way to thinking. If she's grieving the lost of her sister, wouldn't it make sense that she will hold the baby closer to her rather than thrust it to complete strangers? But hey, we won't have a story otherwise.
What I don't like was the predictability of the entire plot - no surprises at all. The flimsy, and or naive, and or convenient excuses of the heroine's actions on the story - like she agreed to marry the prince because she wants to be with her nephew longer. I asked, then why threw the poor baby to them in the first place. They never had a clue he ever existed? It might be understandable if she was living in the street but no, the heroine - we are told - has a job and is educated enough to find another one should the need arise. Plus we are told at the beginning that she is a strong independed woman but 90% of the decisions in her life during the story are made by other characters for her. She will only offer a few squeek but then happily agreed.
Also, I don't know if I am the only one who find this very degrading (not just in this story but on every book it applied) but the hero only looked twice at the heroine and considered her beautiful after the said make over. I mean does a person only matter after they changed into something that fits a category? Or to the point: does a heroine needed to change to fit the hero? Then again as a woman, do I want a man in my life who only wants me after I changed to fit his ideal? The stress it must take to keep that up for the whole life of your relationship....but I degress.
Overall, a predictable, easy read story. Will not hold much to memory but will not bore the reader to tears either. If you won't mind an easy uncomplicated read, this might be a good pick.

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