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Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress XXII by Elisabeth Waters
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Nov 11, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: anthology, fantasy
Read in January, 2009 , read count: 1

I've been a long time fan of the series, and I was excited to learn that it would be continuing after Bradley's death. A small press release, the quality is quite nice and the stories are varied and satisfying.

Edra's Arrow is a good story whose telling is a bit choppy. The pacing is slow, and the language is easier to read. It took me awhile to settle in, but I liked the ending.

A Nose For Trouble throws you right into the midst of the world. It's a simple story, one that's well paced and twists just at the right places. It was quite enjoyable, and I really liked the setting and would've liked to see more of the world.

Night Watchers was really hard to sink into. The prose really didn't draw me in at all, and made it hard to enjoy the story at all so I ended up skimming most of it. It seemed to relay on you already knowing the characters, so perhaps I'd like it more if I had access to the story that comes before it.

Vanishing Village had an excellent premise that has the promises of being heart touching, but is dragged down by bland characters. A story with a brief moral and barely a glimpse into its world. I liked it, but it could have been better.

Pearl of Fire was an excellent, smooth read. I liked the story and the characters, but it felt like it ended early and the plot didn't really wrap up at the end.

The Ironwood Box drew me along, but had a flat ending . The most fairy tale like story in the anthology.

Bearing Shadows stands out, both in length and quality. It does leave me wanting for a bit more explanation, and it has a slow pace that at times it drags on, but it has a resolution that ties things up even if it leaves me wanting.

Black Ghost, Red Ghost is another with an excellent world that I'd liked to see more of. The plot is a touch predictable, but satisfying in how it wraps up.

The Decisive Princess is short and the distance the narrative keeps from the characters makes it feel more tell then show. I like the deviousness of the characters, and wish I could have gotten closer to them.

Child of the Father is one of my favorites. A detailed world, solid characters, a deeply satisfying ending, and an excellent twist that plays with the basis of the anthology.

Child of ice, Child of Flame should have either had a different title, or placed elsewhere in the anthology. I liked the details of the world, but the plot is confusing and the characters distanced. I like it, but it could have been better.

Skin and Bones has an okay premise, an enthralling world, decent characters, and a twist that makes the story take a turn for the gruesome. Definitely one of the stand-outs for me.

Crosswart Puzzle was confusing and muddled. Who was who? What was going on? The prose is good, but I couldn't make heads or tales of the story and in the end it was just forgettable.

Fairy Debt is cute, quirky, and fun. A fairy tale style story. The premise is amusing, the world rich with clever details, and the plot uplifting and heartwarming with a satisfying ending. One of my favorites.

Tontine has a beautiful premise , and a heartbreaking story I absolutely love. It flashes by quickly and leaves some questions at the end, as well as coming full circle in a bittersweet way. My pick of the anthology.

The Menagerie ends the anthology on a light, humorous tone. It's short, and the prose a bit rough, but it's cute and wraps things up on the right tone with a fun twist.
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