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Love Monster, Vol. 1 by Riko Miyagi
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Jul 22, 2012

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Recommended for: Fellow humans looking for your usual cliche romantic shoujo manga
Read on July 21, 2012 , read count: Once

This book.

Well, it started off with your typical teenage anime girl.

Theresa's opinion of a typical teenage anime girl
Blushes. A LOT. (But what shoujo anime lead girl DOESN'T blush?)

I mean they can have WHATEVER hairstyle, whatever color, but a lot of typical lead anime girls...blush.
Hiyo (Hiro, Hiyo, I'm really not sure what her name is.) is DEFINITELY INCLUDED.

There are other things too, like her clothes and the way she automatically hates the guy that took her captive at the academy. Ahh, well, I couldn't expect anything else from a shoujo manga (especially when this manga gave me the impression of a girl power story).

The guy is probably your typical shoujo-manga male lead, too. Handsome, check. Protective-of-girl-lead, check, check, check.

Weeeeell, guys in shoujo manga tend to either be obsessed with the girl right from the beginning for some reason in the story's past, or they both hate each other at first and grow to like each other. It's all very predictable.

And I think it's interesting that he has blue hair. (Not a surprise in anime, but recently, most of the anime I've been watching had people with natural hair colors so this is the first weird-hair-color manga I've read in a LOOOOONG while.)

I think the little comedy bits of it are pretty funny and cute.
The plot is fairly interesting too. A dude that takes a girl and wants to marry her for a reason that we won't find out unless we read further into the story....that's pretty interesting.

BUUUUUUT, my dear fellow review readers, before you start opening this book expecting your TYPICAL shoujo manga story, know that THIS BOOK IS.........gah, what's my word to describe it?
(Yeah, 15-year-old reviewer that's a very little kid at heart using the word "icky" to describe.....smut.)
DON'T ASK ME WHAT SMUT MEANS!!!!! If I use icky to describe it, yooooou should definitely get the idea.

Urrrrrggggh. Yeah, I was never good at reading overly girly manga (bleeeeh). Hugging is fine. Kissing is fine. Even those cheesy, melodramatic lines and quotes and stuff that they say is totally absolutely FINE (sort of).
This is.......GAHHHH!! I seriously hope you get my point!

Anyway, one of the other reviews for this book was right. This story...IS sort of like Gakuen Alice. In a little way.

1. The girl has pigtails. (Well, I know lots of anime girls with pigtails.)
2. Academy for special kinds of kids.
3. That one cat girl (I...forgot her name. Wait, Maki, wasn't it?). She reminds me of Permy.

Hmmm. That's all I can think of. But GAKUEN ALICE WAS SO GOOD!!

Anyway, my whole point: this story is pretty predictable. If you don't mind cliches, welcome yourself to this book!
I wanna find out what happens in this story, trust me. I've put volume 2 onto my mental to-read list. And it's cute.

But uhhhhhhhhhh. I grimace at cliches.
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07/21/2012 page 34
19.65% "YEEEES, I found this over Mangafox! far...I think this manga isn't serious at all! (Which is a pretty good thing!) It made me laugh. Hiro...she's...a typical anime girl, isn't she? (Bluuuushes very often. But I haven't really read a manga where the lead girl doesn't blush.) Onward we go! To chapter 2!"
07/21/2012 page 34
19.65% "Oh and the guy has blue hair, WHOOOOA! And Hiro is Japanese but she has blonde hair! Oh, the hair colors that anime let's us get away with..."
07/21/2012 page 165
95.38% "...O_O This disturbing story. (I've read...more disturbing...) Urrrrgh, with a cliffhanger like that, I...HAVE to read the second book. T_T"
07/21/2012 page 165
95.38% "Oh and I got her name wrong by accident. HIYO, not Hiro. (I thought a name like Hiro was weird. Hiro is...a duuuuude's name.)"

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message 1: by Bookworm2442 (new)

Bookworm2442 I agree with the ummm.. Ickyness of this book. I was pretty grossed out, but stupidly finished the entire series. NEVER AGAIN will I read this series. Oh sorry, my main point of commenting was to thank you for a great review!

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