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Bonds of Earth by G N Chevalier
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Jul 21, 12

it was amazing
bookshelves: mm, read-again-maybe

This is an all-around beautiful story. I was impressed by just about everything about it.

I don't know much about the history of the post-WWI era, but this book *felt* authentic whether it was truly accurate or not. The author included lots of world-building details that immersed me in the lives of her characters, and helped me to feel what these people were going through. She did a wonderful job on these aspects of the story.

I also thought she did great on the romance. This had absolutely no insta-lust about it, which (for me at least) was a great relief. We got to know the characters -- and not just the eventual lovers, but the associated secondary characters as well -- through a gradual, carefully built process that put us right into their lives. Then the lust and eventual love were allowed to develop organically out of the characters and remain true to them, rather than being thrust upon us artificially because, after all, this is a "romance" and therefore the main characters must be hot for each other. I loved the unhurried process here.

In fact, I enjoyed just about every element in this book. It's a good length for character development, the author writes affecting prose than can evoke emotion without being cloying, heck, I even like the title. Just think about it --"Bonds of Earth" -- both death and life are associated with earth, dirt, mud, growing and living and decaying. And "bond" and "earth" imply that the characters are grounded in the real world, not creatures of flight and fancy -- real lives, real suffering, real love, even real feet of clay (clay, earth, get it?). And, of course, the main character spends a good part of the book as a gardener, dealing with dirt (while also helping people to grow and fluorish -- get it? gardening plants and people both? sorry, I can't help myself, it's all just too appropriate). Great title choice.

I'll definitely be watching for more books from this author. It's hard to believe that this is a first book for her, and the quality of this work gives me even higher hopes for whatever she may write in the future.

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