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Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness
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Jul 21, 2012

it was ok
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Read from October 12 to 20, 2012

I had high hopes for this book after hearing about all the interesting places Diana Bishop (witch and historian) and Matthew (her vampire husband) would visit using time travel. Unfortunately, what resulted in between the hefty 600 pages, was a lot of frustration, boredom, and just a general feeling of "make it stop".

The Discovery of Witches, the first in the series, had so much potential but just ended up having too much of a resemblance to Twilight and too much irrelevant waffle. Shadow of Night is even worse in that regard. While the Twilight veins have disappeared here, Shadow of Night not only capitalises on the worst frustrations of the first book, but adds its own as well.

Where we left off in The Discovery of Witches was Diana and Matthew heading to the past to find a witchy tutor for her powers, and to uncover the Ashmore 982 manuscript.

But when you pick up Shadow of Night, its best you forget where we were, the time travel elements, segregated world of witches, vampires and daemons, witch powers, and that snobby and possessive Matthew that you know (in other words, everything that was good about the novel). For you'll be thrust into the 16th Century with a bunch of historical characters and a bunch of new names that only history majors would recognise.

Both Diana and Matthew are also strangely different in this novel, and for the worse as well. Diana's "daftness" and complete stubbornness to listen to anyone who makes sense (including Matthew who is only looking after her best interests) plagues the entire novel. Matthew's snobbery, distance, possessiveness and all of that are emphasised too. These people just refuse to listen to each other, which is probably why they are perfect(ly annoying) together.

Continued on my blog here...
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10/13/2012 page 106
18.0% "Where's the story people?!"
10/14/2012 page 142
24.0% "Finally, relevant things are happening and being discussed!"
10/15/2012 page 215
37.0% "Finally enjoying this, last Part wasn't too bad :)"
10/15/2012 page 229
39.0% "Diana actually annoys me quite a bit."
10/16/2012 page 250
43.0% "We're looking for a witch! But when we find them, lets just buy stuff from him and go, making that entire chapter obsolete!"
10/17/2012 page 330
56.0% "I wish this book was 50% shorter and more condensed."
10/18/2012 page 354
61.0% "OH DIANA why are you such an idiot!! Stop questioning everything Matthew does cos it's to help you!! I think I finally found a use for this gigantic book, hitting my head with it!!" 1 comment
10/19/2012 page 497
85.0% "Why does Diana in danger have me cheering for the bad guys?" 1 comment
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Brittany Hey, I am having a hard time getting through this book, if you finished it is there any way you could just tell me what happens and the important parts? Thanks! :)

Jeann (Happy Indulgence) Heya, well I would actually skip right to page 140 and then go from there. But if you really want to, I can PM you the main parts lol.

Brittany I read to page 250 and it took me three weeks to do so cuz I keep wanting to avoid it but at the same time I wanna know what happens so just getting the main parts would be great. I stopped after she lost the child and she has some sort of firedrake familiar. Thanks!

Jeann (Happy Indulgence) Oh okay, I can't really remember the main parts but basically they (view spoiler)

Sorry, pretty lame synopsis but it's been quite a while. Nothing really happens hey.

Brittany Do you know why they left the book and what they found in it?

message 6: by Jeann (Happy Indulgence) (last edited Nov 27, 2012 03:04PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jeann (Happy Indulgence) Ummm I can't quite remember, I think it was in Part 4 somewhere if you could skip to that section.

(view spoiler)

There's lots of discussions about the book on Goodreads here:

Also we discussed the book in the buddy read thread here:

Brittany ok. Thanks.

Beatrice I summarize this book as, " I'm a possessive vampire" + "I'm a personal space violating witch" x 24 hrs of audio = brain meltingly bad. I'm dumbfounded at how stubborn I am for continuing to listen...

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