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Faking Faith by Josie Bloss
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Jul 21, 12

it was ok
Read in July, 2012

As a homeschooled Christian girl, I picked up Faking Faith with a deep sense of curiousity. Would Bloss be the type to bash homeschooling, Christianity, and big families in general, or did she come from one and therefore be more sympathetic? Well, Faking Faith falls somewhere in-between.
Dylan Mahoney has pretty much reached rock bottom on the social scale at her high school. After an embarssing "sexting" incident, with pictures released all over Google, even her best friends won't talk to her. So, lonley and bored, Dylan surfs the internet and becomes addicted to...
"homeschooled, fundamentalist Christian girls blogs". In fact, she gets so into it she creates her own blog, makes up a name for herself (Faith), and sort of....slips right in. Suddenly, she has friends and like a hundred hits a day on her blog. She feels excepted and right....except for the fact that all her new friends think she comes from a family in Southern Wisconsin with seven children and a farm. One of these new friends is Abigail, the "Queen Bee" of the blogs. She's from Illinois and the third child of a large family. With summer looking long and boring, Dylan as "Faith" comes up with a plan to visit Abigail, one homeschooled girl to another. What she doesn't expect to find is one super-hot older brother, a tyranical-in-the-extreme Father, and frilly pink pjamas. As Dylan gets closer and closer to Abigail and her family, her situation becomes more awkward...after all, she's just Faking Faith.

I've really given this one a lot of thought. A part of me appreciates the picture of the large, farming home school family and the purity and love Dylan finds there. A part of me is indignant and more than a little skeptical of the evil side by side with that love. Here is the conclusion I finally reached:
Bloss plays it up for drama. When she is writing about farm/home school life or becoming addicted to blogs or attempting to cook or any number of small things, this book is good and amusing. Where she tries to pull "exciting plot" (view spoiler) its...not good. Not that it is bad necesarily, but it doesn't fit. Without discounting that yes its not impossible certain things could and do happen in family situations like this (view spoiler), its not something normal. I know strict Fathers like Abigail's, and they don't go around hitting people who disagree with them. Even their sons. It makes for great plot, all "exciting" and "dramatic" but its not....real life.
I do appreciate that Bloss doesn't attempt to generalize that all homeschoolers live on a farm or all homeschoolers wear Jane Austen dresses to parties (though we might like to...)Of course, she doesn't say that all homeschoolers aren't that way, she doesn't really saying anything about that. So maybe this is a moot point.
The other thing that kind of bugged me about this book was...the romance. Now, before you throw a potted plant at my head, let me agree with most of the reviewers so far...Asher is adorable. Most of the time. He's got just about everything going for him. And he's sweet and dreamy on top of that and the note he left her is just darn sweet.
I don't buy it. The romance that is. I know guys like Asher (without the buffy and adorable and making out with girls part) and yeah, I believe him. But not the romance. There is way to much...passion. Yeah, maybe Asher would fall for her. Because he doesn't actually know any other girls, but he sees her and just....falls for her. And makes out and his voice gets "husky" when he addresses her. Like this is some sort of...romance novel or something xP. And Dylan? She's physically attracted to Asher, but she doesn't really get him. She thinks he's hot. He...who knows what he sees in her. But, even straining my imagination, I can't see their romance working well. Because....
What happens when he sees certain things on the internet?
Or when he realizes they don't, like, share any fundamental beliefs about Scripture or Jesus or...anything. Because she is going to be snarky and awesome like her Mom, and he has been raised to think women belong in the kitchen.
Bloss attemps to create a romance full of passion and romance but it doesn't flow with the plot. Not well, not at all. Like the drama surrounding Abigail, its an element thrown in with lots of added flavor and drama and not very realistic.

So those are some of my thoughts on this book. Cute when it addresses the little things of life, dramatic and unbelievable when handling climax and such. Wouldn't reccomend. Ironically, for a book about Christian fundamentalist homeschoolers...I would never reccomend they read this. From the main character losing her virginity (tactfully handled, but mentioned none-the-less) to the language, they would be horrified. Its a PG13 book, and not a particularly good one at that.
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message 1: by (Jen) (new)

(Jen) The Artist Librarian I was curious when I saw this one at the library ... It's super short, so I might get around to it someday. I'm not surprised with your assessment. In general, though it's kind of rare to find, I've always been disappointed in how authors portray home-schoolers in fiction.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 2 stars

Amy True, I think we need to write about a homeschooled main character ;) Problem is, our lives are so boring! xD

message 3: by (Jen) (new)

(Jen) The Artist Librarian :) Haha, yep. Well, my home-schooled life was pretty "boring" if it means "normal" ... It makes me wonder --the average school or private school as depicted in (specifically, teen) fic ... how much is it that up-played for drama? A lot, I hope? ;-)

message 4: by Amy (new) - rated it 2 stars

Amy Very, very true! Homeschool drama...dadadada! I had to put on real clothes to go to the library! xP

message 5: by AlixJamie (new)

AlixJamie The fact that you actually GO to the library for books is a dead giveaway, homeschooler!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I couldn't agree more with your review. I kept reading it only because I was curious.

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