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Cinema of Shadows by Michael  West
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Jul 21, 12

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Read on July 21, 2012

3.5 Stars

Scare Factor - 1

The publisher of this book contacted me after seeing my profile on my review blog. There it states that sadly, these days, nothing scares me. No horror films, books... anything, and it saddens me. I think over the years I have read and watched too many to be scared by them. In fact, I don’t think anything written or videoed has frightened me since I was about 13 yrs old. I also find them extremely predictable and get sick of the girls running upstairs instead of out the front door! I’m sure many of you will agree with me.

Anyway, I went ahead and started reading, I was quite excited since I hadn’t had a horror novel submitted to me in a long time and previous reviews made this book sound right up my street. I really enjoyed reading this book, in fact, I finished it in one day. I’ve given this two ratings. One, the important one, which is my rating of the book as a whole, and two, the scare factor. 1 being ‘not scary at all’ up to 5 ‘scared the shit out of me’. (See top for scare factor rating). I would also like to mention that there is a “little extra something” in this book. I am NOT telling you what. But I think it was very cool. Not scary, I actually laughed. But very cool. Be prepared for what may appear as you turn the pages... That’s all I’m saying.

The whole ghost story, possession, haunting thing has been done over and over, so in that way it wasn’t unique. However, the fact that the main story was set around an old cinema steeped in history and some unfortunate deaths, was very refreshing. I personally have never read a book about a cinema in this context before.

We’re given a little history of the place in the first couple of chapters. Along with some info on the main protagonist, Kim, when she was a baby. I liked her straight away so that was a very good thing.

We then go to Kim being in university and are told she is studying parapsychology. Her and a few classmates are sent to conduct and investigation as part of their curriculum. The scenes were well written, paced well and I could picture everything as it happened. Sadly for me, it just wasn’t scary. The following day after showing their results to the professor, he asks them to accompany him on an investigation of Woodfield Opera House. Kim is instantly frightened out of her wits and refuses to go, much to the upset of her friends and the professor.

After a romantic encounter, some words of encouragement and being determined to conquer her inner fears - she decides to go. That’s when things get interesting and the theatre takes on a life of its own. Teaming with spirits and a demonic entity, Kim must use her ‘gift’ to save her and her friends lives, and also free the trapped spirits of this condemned building.

I do have one major complaint. Now I’m no stranger to bad language. Just piss me off and you’ll see that for yourself, however, I despise the word c**t. So to suddenly have a mostly well written book show the word quite a bit towards the end really let in down. I understand that a demon is supposed to be putrid, but come on, did you really need to stoop this low. And the whole rape with a blade threat was a bit WRONG too. Major dislike, surely you could have come up with something more creative?? Why end a book with this shit and filth? Some people don’t mind it, personally, I do. Anything else goes, but not that. Major drop on the rating of this novel I’m afraid.

My little gripes are that, although this is well written for the most part, sometimes the author decided to leave out the little words, such as ‘and’, and awful lot. Choosing to replace it with commas and semicolons. This was very irritating and at time, made it difficult to read. Also, it was very repetitive towards the end at the author tried to give us the story from other characters perspectives. So, much to my disappointment, I ended up skipping quite a bit and skim reading some of the end chapters

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