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The Demon Catchers of Milan by Kat Beyer
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Aug 25, 12

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*Rating* 2.5
*Genre* Young Adult


I'm disappointed in this book and can't believe for one single moment that this is a standalone, and not part of a trilogy of sorts. Especially the way this book ends and you're left wondering what is next for Mia and her new family. It had the potential to be so much better if things were better explained and laid out for the readers to follow along.

While I could understand Mia and her struggles to understand a new language and new life and a new history, she wasn't much of a character to cheer for until near the end of the story. I lay blame on the writer for not putting enough character building into her story before releasing this book. While the first part of this book was interesting enough, it just didn't hold my attention until things sort of picked up after 3/4 of the book was complete. Then, of course, the ending just left me hanging without giving any indication that there would be more of Mia's story in the future.

I found myself grabbing for more information that just wasn't there. Mia comes from a very large Italian family and yet she knows pretty much nothing about them or what they do for a living. I'll repeat another reviewers thoughts on this as being not likely. As an Italian myself, there would have had to be a huge blow up and break up of the family tree in order for Mia's ignorance of her own family tree.

Things I did like:

1. I liked Milan's history and the setting a lot. As an Italian I can tell you that the history of Italy and their cities is phenomenal. I would love to go back there before I kick the bucket down the road. I also appreciated the fact that the author uses some actual history about Italy to fit into her story line to make it more realistic.

2. I liked that Mia isn't a shy sort of person. After all is said and done, she slowly realizes that being a Demon Catcher is her new calling. I also liked that she kept in touch with her family back in the US and didn't just write them off now that she's found her calling.

3. I liked how the writer got the Italian family aspects pretty much down to a pat with some exceptions I mentioned above. I loved the get togethers, the food, and of course, learning about the family's history over generations of Demon Catchers.


1. Mia goes from being possessed by an UNKNOWN demon in the USA to a demon catcher trainee in Milan. We never do learn why the demon has decided to go after Mia except for possibly some sort of family ties that may go back generations.

2. We never find out what really happened to a possible love interest for Mia. We do know that she's got a crush on her cousin, which in some cultures is tolerated and encouraged. Yet, one minute Mia finds someone, and the next he is taken out of the picture and never returns.

3. Pacing was absolutely horrendous. Again, not attacking the writer, but allowing for personal preference in what I like, and don't like in my reading preferences. I struggled to read this book and was glad that I was stuck in the hospital with nothing better to do while I read this book.

4. The ending was abrupt and we don't learn who the ghosts are that Mia is able to talk to in her room. We get one ghosts name, but the other goes completely ignored. We also don't find out why the demon has targeted Mia instead of another family member like her sister. Is it because of some psychic sense that Mia has that the demons are attracted to? What is the point of being a target of a demon possession and not understanding why?

In the end, I am hopeful that there will eventually be a sequel to this story. I can't see how Beyer can leave this alone and not fully explain Mia's adventures now that she's decided to join her new family's endeavors.

*The Demon Catchers of Milan was kindly provided to me by NetGalley for Edmont USA*
*The Demon Catchers of MIlan releases August 28, 2012*
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Llana I know this was probably one of the hardest Books to read because of its pacing.

Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews I think I like parts of it because I'm Italian and it's fun, at times, to get a refresher course on how to speak the language. Other than that, I too am having issue with remaining calm and finishing this book.

Llana Yeah I loved the details but it really bogged down the book.

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