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Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick
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Jul 21, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2013

This is an important book that I think paints an amazing picture of how to live and go through life the best way possible. I really recommend this story to anyone trying to navigate through the difficulties of life (and there are many...), losing faith and hope. It is the right kind of book to pick up when lost in the mundanity of everyday things, in the stress of the routine and it really helps you to not lose sight of those things that matter in life.

Amber Appleton is the queen of hope, even though she's broke, lives with her mom in a school bus and has absolutely no reason to be happy, she spends her day trying to help other people be optimistic, cheering them up and helping them out. This is until a tragic event changes how she views the world and being so optimistic starts taking its toll.

I was able to identify so well with Amber, which is proof that this is a three dimensional character, very well developed, so well in fact that I almost felt she was real. I've had Amber's same struggles throughout my life, and I think we all have: that desperate need to keep hanging on to hope, and keep being optimistic and happy and wanting everyone around you to be happy too, even when life makes some serious cases for you to just be depressed. Sometimes being optimistic and hopeful and happy feels harder than just giving in to depression, and that's because many times it is, as it was for Amber.

At first I was a little put off with the catholic aspect of the book. Amber is religious and she has constant conversations with Jesus, I was worried it was going to be a bit preachy, especially me being on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to religion right now. However, I found this wasn't about being Catholic at all, this was about having faith. Maybe in Jesus, maybe in life, in people, in anything, but having faith that you can choose to live a better life, that you can live and love even in the darkest of times. I loved that during her worse moment, Amber questioned her faith and she didn't find any magical answers. Nobody told her that "it was God's plan" because maybe it wasn't. There really is NO good reason for tragedies to happen, sometimes they just do. Amber was able to accept that she didn't know why so many hardships were thrown her way, it was unfair and depressing, but that it was her choice to live differently.

This is a book that doesn't tell you that everything is fine in the end, it doesn't paint a perfect picture of life with a happy ending, it just shows you a different way to live. By loving and spreading around hope Amber was able to turn her life around, she was able to make others happy, but even more important than that, she was able to be happy herself. And this was a choice she made. This is what made her brave, and a rockstar. And this is what I loved about this book, it truly shows you how to live like a Rockstar. I hope I can put in into practice as well.
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